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Month of November Archive!

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Two Cents Tuesday: My new job!

Source: My Dreams

Source: My Dreams

Sorry about missing Two Cents Tuesday the last week! I have been really busy getting my stuff together as I prepared to take on a huge role over at Another Castle! I am the websites Project Manager and Chief Operating Officer! That means that I am the second in command in making sure the in’s and out’s of Another Castle run smoothly and effectively!

I haven’t forgotten about my Wii U rant, however I plan to tie it in with an upcoming article on Gamesoul Online! So it’s going to have to wait, but it’s worth it if it will offer my readers a little extra! Like a game with the DLC included because we’re awesome like that! Followed by a long awaited rant about Bioshock on the Vita which I have been dying to get my hands on! The problem is, they need to make it first!

So take a look over at the new site where I call home! I’ll still be on CoiledRose… but over there you’ll find quite the group of up and coming writers! My two cents is…. it rocks!

I’m on Instagram! Is it obnoxious yet?

And this is my view from today’s home work space….  !!!
photo (6)

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Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that A LOT has been going on in my life! I’ve gotten a sweet gig with Aggressive Comix as one of their writers, I’ve secured a Top 5 spot on my NY Video Game Industry Examiner page, my Facebook page crossed 100 likes, connections through Twitter are some of the kindest I’ve ever made, and I’m on Instagram! But it all started with this blog, Coiledrose. Maybe one day I’ll tell you all the convoluted story about that name. Until then know that I have some exciting things in the works including an art auction and possibly co-founding a website with another truly amazing blogger!

Just know, that it was this blog and its support which granted me the courage to work from home and become a writer. A video game writer of all the forms! You’ve all be awesome and I’m glad that you’re coming to me for your information and opinions about the gaming community and what it’s becoming.


On a side note, how about that Xbox One DRM flip flop?! — I’ll definitely devote a post to that once it’s stewed in my mind for a few days. 🙂

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Big News Everyone!

ImageNo, I don’t just look grand; I feel grand!

For those of you who don’t follow me outside of this lovely blog, I have a special announcement! My first article was published today! If you’re interested, check it out: LiNK

One day I hope to look back and say, “It all started with a blog called Coiled Rose.”

A serious and sincere thank you to my readers, followers, and especially to those who have shared my blog and helped open up avenues that lead to my experience and that helped me land my spot on Gamesoul Online, Another Castle, and now the Examiner. You all rock with socks!

PETA and the Campaign Against Video Games

Let’s paint a picture of my evening: after a long day of  stress I wind down and begin browsing IGN before I drift to sleep. Then I find this article about PETA’s new publicity target. From then-on-in any thought of sleep I had before was to be lost until I could spit out this post. Even as a teenager I didn’t care for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and now I just fucking hate them. Before I get to the meat of this issue let me explain why I disdain an organization which stands up for the mistreatment and slaughter of innocent animals. My first experience with the boarder-line hate group was at a festival concert in the summer of 2005. It was bad enough GWAR was there jizzing on everyone! The last thing I had wanted to see were pictures of skinned rabbits and geese being pulled apart for down comforters. I have stopped purchasing products that test on animals. Especially products, like down, which profit from torturing animals while they’re still alive. Still, a concert is just not the place to be shoving that in people’s faces! (They were right next to the pulled-pork sandwich stand too… and yes, I did buy a pork sandwich.)


I’d like to interrupt your good time to hand you these pamphlets on animal torture.

The next time I saw PETA… was during an impromptu protest. As I am not a spokesperson for PETA or a member– So I cannot say for sure that these people were officially from PETA the organization rather than a few loose members…I also will not say whether I was or was not there for one of these protests as an extremely uncomfortable invitee, but this is what went down. Some wacko looked up the personal addresses people employed under a few companies which test on animals. Guess what happens next. (If you guessed that they’d protested in front of the houses you’d be correct! + 10 points!) Some were on megaphones, they were chanting and screaming on the streets of these people’s homes while they were with their families! Now, I don’t know if you can or can’t see anything wrong with that– but if you can’t then there’s something fucking wrong with you– seriously, get help. If you are wondering what would happen when the cops were called– they’d all move on to the next person on the list and do it again!… YEAH, I KNOW!

Now that we’ve established my feelings on the group, we’ll move on. The bone PETA is picking: Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and it’s glorification of harpooning majestic whales. That’s right kids– whales are majestic and PETA would rather have you forget any historic occurrences where whales were harpooned. Note that all AC games are set in the past, Black Flag in particular is set during the American Revolution. For those of you who don’t know anything about the 18th c. just understand that colonial Americans hunted whales regularly and used the animal (mainly its blubber) to make many products.


May I suggest a Whale Soap Tutorial as a Pre-Order Bonus?

PETA is implying that AC and Ubisoft are promoting killing whales for sport rather than for what it really is: historical context. Like they’re planning a mass indoctrination of our children’s malleable minds. PETA seems to  fear that our youth will play AC and all of a sudden set sail for the Coast of Monte Carlo with dreams of adventure and an unquenchable lust for whale carcass.  Not only is it ludicrous to assume that children now-a-days aspire to do anything physically straining when they grow-up or well, ever– but this game is based on 18th century pirates for Christ’s sake! I don’t see how it’s such a stretch that they’d be shooting whale while out on the open sea! (I bet they even shoot sharks to be fair!)

I’ve found a portion of the actual PETA statement for this Assassins Creed game via VentureBeat:

Whaling—that is, shooting whales with harpoons and leaving them to struggle for an hour or more before they die or are hacked apart while they are still alive—may seem like something out of the history books, but this bloody industry still goes on today in the face of international condemnation, and it’s disgraceful for any game to glorify it. PETA encourages video game companies to create games that celebrate animals—not games that promote hurting and killing them.

We don’t even hunt whales at the rate we used to. I’ve killed bears and wolves for example in many games that haven’t been put under the PETA scope… probably because we have Americans who actually hunt those beasts regularly so PETA focuses on the real deaths instead of the imaginary ones. But, as a comical contrast, I do recall them attacking Cooking Mama because there was no vegan mode... (See video below)

You see, the problem that PETA has, is the same problem every overly sensitive group has with the media and its popular figures. Feeling like it’s there mission to make an example of every little detail. They yearn to sway the more sensitive individuals who care enough to listen… or maybe are just passing by. It’s admirable, focusing on treating creatures with no voices  with legitimate dignity. But make no mistake about it, if a bear was threatened or hungry it’d kill you– it wouldn’t care about your voice. I’m not saying that gives anyone the moral justification to lock it in a box all it’s life so its meat stays tender. I’m attempting to put things into perspective.(did I do a good job?) PETA’s place isn’t telling a whole industry where to set the bar on standards and moral codes, especially when representing a historic timeframe. PETA isn’t fooling me when they ride in like white-knights, here to save the horses and to see the chickens mate in ‘free range’ farms. Because that’s not who they are– and if it ever was that image is lost to lunatics throwing blood on fur coats. PETA has become that guy who calls animal control for a homeless man’s dog in the winter– while leaving the homeless man outside to die. I’m all for ethical treatment of living things (you know– not just animals), however, the virtual hunting of whale in a video game isn’t unethical or cruel. 

The Sega Dreamcast

Dreamcast had one of the most pristine introduction sequences I’ve ever seen for a video game console. Dreamcast was in my opinion a technically advanced system that was ahead of its time, and was ultimately ignored by developers and the market. The games for the system were pirated with ease and henceforth its unprofitably drove away developers. The market was at its end for cartridges so Sega took the plunge and introduced the Dreamcast for about $200.00.In the end it the Dreamcast crashed and burned in a market dominated by the PS2- despite being the most advanced system technologically speaking. I’m not going to over analyze this though, I’m just going to remind us all of why Dreamcast was so incredible with a couple of my favorite  titles… and then let you bask in the awesome glow of your own childhood.

Looking back, at my age I never could have seen it coming– the mega success of the PS2 over the Dreamcast. As a child my parents were separated and when I went to my father’s house he was a Sega man through and through! So the Dreamcast was a must have in  his house. I remember the commercials for Sonic Adventure 2! The first console game where you could choose your side (Hero or Dark). I of course chose evil almost every time despite how much fun that first level with Sonic was, jumping out of a helicopter with only a part of the metal wing in your hand– as only Sonic could ever do– rushing down the hills and grinding on the bars! Back in my skateboarding days that was something I found exhilarating in a video game!

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 11.41.49 PM

Remember these stupid stickers from Hot Topic?

As a 10th Anniversary celebration of Sonic- as a gaming mascot trumped only by Mario- it served its franchise well. It was successful both commercially and critically, and if you’ve ever played it that should be no surprise. On top of parallel story modes there were action modes, two player modes, and Choa World. Sonic had challenging levels, even more challenging bosses, and hunting levels with Rogue and Knuckles that really could drive someone to the edge– and it was soooo worth it! Choa World was arguably more addictive game in itself, and some may say more addictive than Pokemon. I’ve definitely invested more time in the Choa mini game than any other part. You’d hatch the Choa from egg and raise them based off of the food they eat and through interacting with each other! Sadly, although this game did well it wasn’t enough to keep the system afloat.

soinc choa

Epic Childhood was Epic

Sega Dreamcast aslo lead me into a long time love affair with one of the greatest games of all time, Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Let me take this moment to proclaim there is badass in gaming before Chun Li! You disagree? Come at me bro! I had dreams of possessing such god-like thighs. (Whenever I work out I tell myself it’s still possible…) MvC2 is one of the most classic fighting games of our time and to this day is an arcade staple (if you can find an arcade left standing that is). I don’t remember a game more fun– or a more exciting time than stumbling across a finisher so epic that your nearly go blind with glee! There superstar line-up and the ability to choose up to 3 fighters made dream combinations endless. Megaman, Spiderman, Ryu, Chun Li,  Wolverine, Morrigan?! You dreamt it and that’s why they called it a Dreamcast… (that was nice, admit it!)


They don’t make’em like they used to…

Capcom lost its rights to Marvel not long after the demise of the Dreamcast, if you were wondering why you haven’t seen much of this killer combination since. It improved upon itself from the first MvC by not changing the characters to the point you had to relearn them completely, but by adding super villains and heroes to the roster that you’d be fighting in boss levels! In improving the character selection and refining the ability for air combos MvC2 was a home run like we haven’t seen much of then or since.

Dreamcast brought a lot of revolutionary ideas to the table and we shouldn’t neglect to thank them. While most of you were too busy with your PS2 you missed out on the dawn of these creations– and for that I pity you. The PS2 was king for a reason, but it wasn’t that much better than its Sega competitor. If Nintendo wasn’t Nintendo I’d think you were all nuts for taking the ‘Purple Lunchbox’ over the Dreamcast as well! I mourn the passing of Sega consoles– because I sincerely find every time I go back in time to re-examine what happened, that they were just before their time.

Chinese Court: Lawsuit Over Fake Baby Belly

Being pregnant can be rough on a woman’s body, especially if you’re a working woman on top of making body parts for your unborn child. So, being empathetic and compassionate human beings it isn’t uncommon for a person to relinquish their seat on crowded public transportation trains and buses for these ladies with children. However, thanks to these bimbos in China that may be changing.


Guaranteed to Land YOU a SEAT or Your $$$ Back!

An unbelievably dense woman reported to be named Zang, is suing the company she purchased a $60.00 (about 300 yuan) fake baby belly from. Why? Well it fell off in the middle of her ruse and caused her emotional torment when the passengers mocked her stupid ass. She’s lucky no one beat her up if you ask  me, how dare you take advantage of good willed individuals who now will never get up without a seat without first a feelsie. Robbing seats from this point of women who are actually pregnant. However, I somehow don’t think such a compassionate thought would ever cross this moron’s mind.


Now everyone knows that Jenni is a fraud!

Her case was dismissed, which gives me a little hope in the Chinese legal system which I’d previously lost after seeing a man successfully sue his wife for being ugly ($120,000 dollars to be exact).  But it’s good to know that it isn’t a total free-or-all.


The wife had had plastic surgery and never told him… yeah.

Supposedly the legitimate reason faux bumps (I can’t believe that’s a thing) aren’t uncommon in China is due to the cases where adoptive mothers will wear one as to not let on that her future child isn’t actually hers… but from my American perspective that’s even more bizarre. Then again, I’m not going to attempt understanding the mindset of Chinese cultural norms where mothers who don’t bare their own young are frauds. That’s just wrong. I never thought anyone outside of a movie set and Halloween ever had use for such an invention. Shame on this woman, she deserves ridicule, and shame on China for making women feel like they have to fake an entire pregnancy as part of the adoption process.


Silent Hill and Children Movies


He can butcher me with his meat cleaver any day!

I’m a bit of a Konami fan, I’d been waiting for a while now to find the right post to use this picture… and I think I’ve found the breaking news! It was almost a year ago that I read a Destructiod blurb on Silent Hill being based off of Kindergarten Cop– a Schwarzenegger classic that no modern day American should live a life without seeing– but it never dawned on me that I should actually write about how this discovery changed my freaking life! I’m the person that horror movies are made for, because everything has legitimate potential to scare the shit out of me.

I mean it though. I’ve been known to stay in one spot during a video game because I know that a blind nurse is going to be around the corner if I move into that next room… and I just don’t want to hear the static! Resident Evil and Silent Hill have both made me cry… as an adult. When I first purchased Revelations I bawled for the entire first night to my boyfriend… The first level on Queen Zenobia scared me so much that I wanted to return the game to Best Buy. I couldn’t because I’d opened itWithin a few days I snapped out of my mortified state and it is currently my favorite 3DS game, but that’s not the point. I played the whole thing with no sound and no 3D as a compromise, and I wouldn’t do it again alone if you paid me. (Although it may make a good review to be taped while playing these games in dark rooms…you know what never mind!)

But, after seeing Kindergarten Cop so many times, and then replaying the original Silent Hill, I found serious humor. True, no game is as scary in 90’s graphics as it once was when we were kids (I had lucid dreams of pixelated zombies walking after me…) However, Silent Hill for me, still retained much of it’s glory because I’d avoided it out of fear of rehashing old scares. Not any more. I had to break out this bad boy after seeing the comparison photos! Life has been a little bit brighter since then. What makes the fact that Japan looked to a campy comedy to model their creepy town after so enlightening? Perhaps the realizations that:

  1. “Talent creates and genius steals.” -David Bowie (I always look for reasons to say Bowie is right.)
  2. There really is humor in [almost] every situation… even being stuck in a Hell Realm.
  3. Aziz Ansari’s doughnut shop porn joke will now never leave my head.

It’s still scary, horror survival is always scary. It’s never fun to be in a haunted playground of ghouls without any control of when or where they’ll appear. And well, no one wants to start out a monster game without a weapon…


Kindergarten Cop and Silent Hill