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Hello followers! I took a break from December to focus on family, and now I’m bringing you my January 2015 archive. By the way, Happy New Year! I could have touched upon my favorite stories from 2014 last month, and … Continue reading

Month of October Archive!

Hey everyone! I’ve been super busy this past October trying to bring to life some really exciting articles. My favorites included contributions to Another Castle’s 31 Days of Horror Marathon, and an incredible interview with Joe Fielder of Day for … Continue reading

Two Cents Tuesday: My new job!

Source: My Dreams

Source: My Dreams

Sorry about missing Two Cents Tuesday the last week! I have been really busy getting my stuff together as I prepared to take on a huge role over at Another Castle! I am the websites Project Manager and Chief Operating Officer! That means that I am the second in command in making sure the in’s and out’s of Another Castle run smoothly and effectively!

I haven’t forgotten about my Wii U rant, however I plan to tie it in with an upcoming article on Gamesoul Online! So it’s going to have to wait, but it’s worth it if it will offer my readers a little extra! Like a game with the DLC included because we’re awesome like that! Followed by a long awaited rant about Bioshock on the Vita which I have been dying to get my hands on! The problem is, they need to make it first!

So take a look over at the new site where I call home! I’ll still be on CoiledRose… but over there you’ll find quite the group of up and coming writers! My two cents is…. it rocks!

Bioshock: Infinite Critical Review

While you’re here, check out my review of Bioshock: Infinite over at AnotherCastle!

Another Castle


Ken Levine and Irrational Games’ newest endeavor, Bioshock: Infinite has clearly been well received by critics since it’s release on March 26th, 2013, less than one month ago. Player gripes seem to be small, and sales are phenomenal, being regarded by many as the FPS of the year, and even buzzing with notions for a Game of the Year nomination. Considered even in this early stage of its release to be a visual masterpiece by leading industry voices. But in the midst of all the hype does it really hold up to the average jaded gamer that keeps this industry running in-between the record sales and monumental titles? Well, that’s what I’m here to analyze.

“Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt”: The Story

Bioshock: Infinite takes you through a journey of the upper and lower class segregation, which the player gets lunged into right from his or her…

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