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Puppy Rayn: A Cute Comic on a Mission


Once in a while when browsing the internet you’ll find something a bit more on the ‘heartwarming’ side. I like to check out the fundraisers and the Kickstarters around the way and as I was scanning the sites something caught my eye. It was a fundraisers to help complete a small comic, called “Puppy Rayn”, about…well…puppies! While not necessarily drawn to this for my own interests, it seemed like something my 4-year-old comic enthusiast would rather enjoy. And that’s what brings me to typing out these words.

The fundraiser is to help the writer and original artist, Kevin Conner, to fund the newer artists needed to polish his work on “Puppy Rayn”. After years of strain on his hands, Kevin can’t draw like he used to and is trying to find the money to pay an artist by the name of Andrew DeCrescenzo, who is already interested in completing the comic. I reached out to Mr. Conner for comment, and this is what he had to say for anyone interested in knowing about the project,

“We want to help out and work with educational, health oriented and non-profit organizations and institutions as well as give all kids, and well EVERYBODY, something they can enjoy!”

The story tells of Rayn, a magical heroic dog born on a rainy day. He learns magic from fairies, knows a thing or two about self-defense (saving the world isn’t easy you know!), and has a best friend named Chester who is a cat. They live in straw homes with cobblestone paths, and are in a land ruled by a kind king. And this king named Henry, King Henry.

Connor initially made the characters into a fun and whimsical coloring book and tested the media on a group of very honest young kids. Well, the children loved him, they thought the pictures were fun as well as the storytelling Kevin had introduced. As a mother of an almost kindergartener I thought I’d print some out and see what my own child thought. She loves animals, and she loved Rayne. She now wants a dog… but my husband is allergic. However, she can still have a Rayn the Puppy comic… maybe!

As an added perk, cartoonist Rusty Gillian will draw you a professional illustration of your favorite movie, cartoon, or comic character in exchange for you 15 dollar donations. If you give 30 dollars, he’ll make you two drawings! Take a look at his credentials: He’s a sketch artist for “The Walking Dead” television show as well as for “Captain America:The First Avenger” movie. In addition, he was a paid illustrator for the production of blockbusters Spiderman 1 and 2.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kevin Connor’s cute puppy comic, perhaps you’d like to donate for a personal sketch, or because you’re a great person! The pages can be found below, or by watching the video posted above. There’s about a month’s time left to decide!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Fundraiser Site

Coloring Pages

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Deadpool Coming Soon

If you didn’t already know there’s a new Marvel game coming out, simply entitled Deadpool. Due to be released this summer on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 with online gameplay capability, everyone’s favorite anti-hero is going to be the star he always knew he should be. High Moon Studios has released this bloody trailer containing all the juvenile one-liners you could ask for, an air-guitar solo, and even a rave review from Deadpool’s mother! I know, I know… but stop throwing money at the screen because there’s more!

Rumors are circulating that Wolverine, Cable, and other Marvel badasses will appear.


But make no mistake, Spiderman is not invited.

The story is set to begin (of course) with a mission to kill. He wouldn’t be the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ without any mercenary missions now would he? However, the plot takes a turn for chaos and adventure when Deadpool is brought to the infamous island of Genosha. There the fate of the world rests on Deapools broad shoulders (swoon). Sean Miller the game director released the following information about the gameplay on Playstation Blog,

It has all the elements of an action brawler mixed with a solid shooting experience. Deadpool’s Gun-Fu fight style allows you to flow effortlessly between melee and gunplay in close-quarters combat, but also affords tighter aiming for picking off enemies at range.

Also citing an in-depth shop where players can purchase weapons, combos and all around enhance the challenge.

Not much new information has been released as to when we will be able to purchase the game, but High Moon Studios themselves released information stating that Deadpool (the company’s CEO/CFO/COO/MD), “is working feverishly with duckt tape to get you the new details soon…ish,”. So stay tuned and start stocking up on chimichangas!

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How Occupy Ruined V for Vendetta

Initially Anonymous had the right idea cloaking themselves behind the Guy Fawkes mask. He’s a powerful portrait of an underdog. But as a symbol for the [pretty much dead] American-Political Revolution– it just isn’t right. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t presume that Occupy [or the Tea Party despite their lack of Fawkes] lacked passion or patriotism. I’m expressly of the opinion that before any group dons this particular mask they should appreciate and understand who Guy Fawkes actually was.


Protests set to resume [on both sides of partisanship] mid 2015

I take political revolution very seriously. I shouldn’t have to state that, but some people think it’s a joke. I’d give my life if I believed it could promise a better future for the rest of the world. Occupy had some great ideas! To give you an example, when we look at this planet from space we don’t see boarders. (At least I don’t)That was a message which resounded throughout the Occupy movement. It was indeed a movement I could get behind [and OH BOY I did]. A wide spread discussion about peace and making change happen through brotherhood was taking place! It was about refusing a system which cared nothing about our conditions as happy humans. Very hippy, and although I am not a hippy, I like anything that says we should be mirthful and treat living things with respect. But Fawkes, was a terrorist. His motives were very Robin Hood and he was the anti-hero a lot of us comic book nerds cherish. Nevertheless, he wasn’t a fucking hippy. Fawkes was a seasoned war veteran of the Spanish army. He was wrought into something devious during the 80 Years War. He planned on murdering King James (ring a bell Christians?) so that his daughter (a Catholic)  could succeed him! There was nothing neither bloodless or amicable in his persona. The personification of “V” in film and book alike understood that– Occupy Wall Street, not so much.

ImageGuy Fawkes was part of a Catholic regime. King James was threatening the acceptance and power of Catholicism. In the 1605 King James I ordered all Catholic Priests to leave England. So Fawkes and a band of fellow Catholic Crusaders gathered explosive barrels of gun powder and snuck them underneath a segment of Parliament where the King would be at midnight that evening [November the 5th].  Fawkes was the explosives expert, Fawkes was caught, Fawkes was tortured at the Tower of London- and ratted out other members of his conspiracy clan, Fawkes was hung… IN JANUARY. The 5th of November is actually a celebration of the Kings survival— as ordered by King James himself!

Remember Remember…


Guy Fawke’s Confession Signature

His idea– which could not be executed along with his body, sparked something artistic. But, if you hadn’t of read the comics or watched the movie would you still want to get behind that idea? Occupy and Anonymous were gathering behind the dramatized “V”, of course, but who is “V”?– V for Vendetta is my favorite movie.– I watched it maybe 600,000,000 times last year. My boyfriend is seriously so sick of that movie and whenever I put on a film when he’s not looking– it’s the one I pick. The Wachowski Siblings did a marvelous job– no matter what Alan Moore says. On the other hand, if they’d left the ideals of the characters more ambiguous as most of the gripes from purists groan, then it wouldn’t have been so easily placed in the narrative of civil unrest befitting 2012 America.


Original Creator

The comic did a great job of explaining the difference between anarchy  and chaos. In the video I linked [previous paragraph] Moore states, “It’s not the 99% that cause chaos, it is the 1% who are in charge… we need an administration, we don’t need people to boss us about,”– and those ideas are ideas we’re just not ready to accept as a nation. V for Vendetta, the comic, is very British. Guy Fawkes is a British symbol, and fascism was a real threat to many even still alive when it was published. Moore also brought you the humanity behind government party officials– showing you bad guys you actually care about– and showing you what power does to any man no matter his profession… be it television fame or dictatorship.


The Wachowski’s!

V for Vendetta  the movie, was powerful and definitely more Americanized. The motives of all involved were clearer. But that still didn’t change the fact that “V” [Hugo Weaving] basically gave Evey [Natalie Portman] Stockholm Syndrome so she would be a pawn in his plot, and in cold blood assassinated various people for the sake of [duh] vengeance… In the real world that’d be totally unforgivable under almost any circumstances [at least the giving a random girl Stockholm Syndrome part would be!]

So once again, I turn to Occupy Wall Street, and ask, what were you thinking? You aren’t badass anti-hero hackers looking to balance the world by fighting evil with evil. You were chillin’ in Bryant Park rolling cigarettes and waiting patiently and peacefully for the men in charge to hear you outand then they said ‘no’ and it was over! I want to concede that “an idea cannot die” was the core ideal– but I can’t! I’d also add that surely a more fitting model for the cause would have been… I don’t know, Gandhimaybe?


Portrait of Our Guy! 

I support Occupy- but if it wants to be “V” it’s missing something explosive, even if not literally. But I beg of you, don’t get the movement and the figure intertwined! Occupy’s publicity and the media [be it the news or comics] have turned Fawkes into a brand and not a symbol. Why else would I be enjoying my Pizza in Soho, ONE YEAR LATER, only to be asked by some strung out club kid ” Could you tell the owner I’m your friend; so I can use the bathroom without buying a slice?” And oh yeah, if I could just hold his mask for a moment– he added. So now, for me and for many, even the movie and books feel diluted because of those who cling to the mask without adhering to its historic precedent. The movement and the man simply have nothing to do with each other!


School Shootings and Videogames! (Let’s Point Fingers, Bitches!)


I had to include this somewhere…

Here it goes again. You know what I’m talking about. There’s been a school shooting and its time to blame the video games! Now, because one of my hobbies is studying history, I find it hard to ignore the irony in blaming video games for gun violence when I can open up a text book and point to a million different reasons for it . And yeah, that includes our own constitution here in America if you want to get ‘microscopic’. Do we really have to pretend like America wasn’t born and bathed in the blood of many since before it’s official declaration in 1776? Don’t take my word for it, look it up. I’m not surprised, however, because the only thing we’re better at in the USA other than foriegn occupation is avoiding ownership of our own (usually government’s) bad actions. Everyone knows what happened in the 1940’s Germany, but how many History Channel shows focus on the The Trail of Tears? We’re blind to our own bullshit! And now, whenever there is a mass shooting of any kind we all turn to the media to tell us who to blame, and often it points its fingers at another form of media. I’m not suggesting that culture isn’t partially to blame when we analyze what makes crazy people crazy, but I’m also not going to get behind this idea that video games reinforce violence when I can pull out a history book that proves that violence prevails with or without modern technology and media.


Graphics so good they’re almost real… almost right?

Where do we get our obsession with guns from anyway? I think I have a good theory, hear me out. We’ve been at “war” since I was old enough to understand the voting process. We’ve been involved in “war” unofficially and officially for my entire life. Perhaps that’s more to blame for my generation’s violent outbursts and savage acts of gun violence than “Duck Hunt“? The other day I posted on Facebook a guide to help women avoid being raped by a surprise attacker. A well meaning  friend commented that I wouldn’t need to know any of the written techniques, if I (or any woman) were  equipped with a license to conceal and carry. Has it really gotten to the point where I shouldn’t leave my home or be in my home without being armed? Let me take this moment to assure my more worried readers, “Duck Hunt” didn’t condition me to be scared within my own home, the news has though. “Duck Hunt” also hasn’t encouraged me to be a gun owner, but I could probably look to the news for that as well. Let it be known, that I hate the news. I hate it all, because here in the states it seems to fill me with irrational fears. Please take this time to note a stark inverse, despite the fact that I’m not a Double F flat tummied buxom babe– video games, especially women in video games, have empowered me and not brainwashed me.


Yeah, the original FPS in all of it’s glory.

Video games are not to blame for why I am riddled with fear of other countries, fear to travel abroad, fear to go out at night, fear of strangers, fear that I’m going to be strangled and raped walking up to my apartment. I fear people with guns, I fear people with knives, I fear people with cars. I hear about other countries where the people don’t lock their doors even after they’ve been robbed. I remember seeing people who lived like that  in Bowling for Columbine. A quote in the documentary, about that in particular, struck me deeply and never left me. The Canadian put it as follows, “You think as Americans the lock is keeping people out of your place. We as Canadians see it as when we lock the door we’re imprisoning ourselves,”. In Canada the news stations are held much more accountable for what they broadcast, as a result the news is more honest and less scary. I believe that the citizens feel a lesser need for guns, gun violence is down, and people aren’t generally as frightened of each other like we are here in America. I don’t want to live in a cage! But I also don’t want to be murdered and raped just for looking out of place! There has to be a way to present the ugly in this world without sensationalizing it.


These are almost ALL of my fears wrapped-up in one graphic!

I sat in my living room the other day and watched a CBS special on Andrew Lanza. Lanza was the man who in cold-blood shot school children in Newtown CT. CBS delivered a thinly veiled message practically begging parents to become paranoid wrecks. The story cited that Lanza locked himself away for days in a basement– alone– GAMING. All joking aside, fuck you CBS. Fuck you because that’s pretty normal here in America. The story also mentioned that he had an “extensive game collection”. Well CBS, so do I, please analyze me for my copy of Wall-E on the Wii, or how about Rayman Origins! Let’s take a moment to think freely and understand that not all games are violent.   It’s been studied and proven that the only way video games will enhance dangerous behavior is if the person is already predisposed to that sort of behaviors (see Sherry, 2001; Ferguson, 2007). Theoretically, a  normal person can lock themselves up and play games 365 days a year and the only results will be possible “neckbeard“, unemployablity and definite lack of “girlfriend”.  If gun murder really was the result of intensive gaming our death rate by guns would be much higher than 4.8% per 100,000.


Don’t get me wrong, this is scary, but not deadly.

I wonder what is more striking for parents who aren’t familiar with video games and war. For that matter, not just parents, anybody really. Is it really how violent games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor are? Or is it that these games are too true to life? What gets me all fired up about this is that, once again, the games up for debate mirror real life. I don’t see anyone getting pissed off at Wall-E,  Rayman, or most other cartoony platformers. Ratchet and Clank utilize guns, did you know? I did however notice 7  Navy Seals in the news getting rammed for ‘releasing military secrets’ after Medal of Honor dropped. (I wonder what kind of secrets they really could have released since that game was total garbage. It couldn’t have been anything too good…)

They never ever point out that violence is just one of our many cultural norms being reflected in these games.  I have some questions and they’re radical ones, so brace yourself. Ask:

  • Are you really offended by the violence in these rampantly popular first person shooter and war games?
  • Or, are you mortified that we’re bringing the wars that are currently being fought on other land’s soil into our living rooms?
  • Do we feel affronted when our children are exposed to violence of such a nature?
  • Or, are we abashed that children are seeing a watered down version of gruesome reality?
  • Do you find it uncomfortable explaining to a 13 year old boy that when one soldier shoots another soldier, in real life, that he doesn’t get to respawn and play another game?


Fuck you, THIS is ‘Murica Game-Land!

Who did the media blame before the 70’s when video games were all just Combat, Space Invaders, and Pong? If you guessed comic books you’d be correct! I doubt that many of my readers are old enough to recall 1954, but that was the year Fredric Wertham published The Seduction of the Innocent. ‘Seduction’, was a critical review of comic books. It was a bogus answer to the why-are-the-youngsters-so-violent question. He analyzed Wonder Woman, citing her lasso of truth as an innuendo for lesbianic bondage. Batman and Robin were secretly gay lovers (I know what you’re thinking: that’s where those rumors originated!). If you can do the math, that’s making Batman not just a homosexual (God forbid!), but also a pedophile (Now seriously, God FORBID). Superman, not so humorously, was pinned as fascist and “Un-American” (It’s 2013 and we’re still scared of immigrants).  The publication, naturally, sky rocketed to best seller status. It led to parental panic that comics–not bad parenting or maybe mental illness– were the cause of teenage delinquency! Does that sound familiar? Before it was video games it was cartoons, before cartoons it was movies, before movies it was comic books, and before comic books they blamed masturbation! Fuck these quacks and talking-heads trying to point fingers at just about everything… except the individual’s mental state, or the shitty work regimen most of us are slaves to, to shit faced teenagers who we are forced to go to school with, or fucked up spouses, or to neglectful parenting… for example. Sure, you may cite a fluke where they mention these issues, but they’re rarely the bread and butter of the story in the case of major networks.


Independents for the Legislation for the Regulation of Shitty Sonic Games .

 Fuck this country’s backwards moral loopholes. I love America, I love freedom, I hate that stand-out wackos are not held truly accountable  as long as we can point the finger at an innocent bystander. Imagine that the next step,  every state will require us to exchange fingerprints and personal information when purchasing or trading in games. Florida back in 2008 implemented that  into law! Yet, we can order a gun over the internet without a background check if we’re in a lenient enough state? Let’s get one thing straight, games are not illegal paraphernalia, and are not accessories to crimes.  Let’s stop mentioning them when trying to paint a picture of the disturbed young mind. My greatest fear here is that the older generations just don’t understand the changing entertainment industries, and the younger generations don’t have a voice everyone is willing to listen to. This mentality will prevail as long as we allow fear to cloud our judgments over the willingness to learn about the materials in question.


Pay close attention. Breaking NEWS ahead!

These analysts and talking-heads don’t actually play the same video games they brutally dissect (SHOCKER I KNOW!). They just blindly attack because they know that parents and grandparents watch the news, and they know that parents especially tend to be too busy providing a life for their beloved children to monitor every game they play. The major media outlets are playing off of just another fear, and they’re not even doing a very good job of it! Take a look the following link at the end of this sentence, it boggles me that major channels get away with this shit! After intense analysis and hearing violence being pegged at creative inventions I’ve loved all my life (e.g. games, comics, cartoons), it’s my professional opinion that news stations are pining for hysteria. They no longer care about actually making a change in the world. They aren’t interested in educating the masses and exposing corruption. Watergate’s publicity would never happen in 2013! These major stations and papers are only interested in exploiting controversy, making money, and forcing people’s undivided attention through fear. After all, are you going to be giving them ratings by enjoying the outdoors, exploring other countries, seeing with your own eyes that people are still people– even in the lands we occupy? Today it’s video games, tomorrow who knows.


I feel you bro.

Shooting people when not in fear for your life is unforgivable. If you ask me, shooting innocent children is the most heinous of shootings. I hope there is a punishment beyond death awaiting these murders– especially the cowards who kill themselves to escape justice. Aside from that, I understand that police, and any other authority for that matter, are purely reactionary. There is no way for anyone to be anywhere without knowing that they have to be there in the first place! (Did that make sense?) I understand the comfort of being a conceal and carry, but I don’t want to live in a society where I’m made to believe, simply because a first person shooter is the best selling game in the world, that I should have to carry a gun on me to go to the mall or the movies or the fucking diner. You should be comfortable enough with your own body to protect yourself with a gun, but certainly without a gun too! It’s just not true that the rise in FPS popularity is going to cause more mass shooting– or cause need for greater gun regulation. Entertainment to a degree does perhaps dictate our culture, but it undeniably also reflects it…

  • It’s not possible for me to encompass my entire beliefs of this issue in one post. It’s long enough already if you ask me. But perhaps, I’ll return to it. Please comment and share, I’d like to know how people feel about this issue as well.