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Puppy Rayn: A Cute Comic on a Mission


Once in a while when browsing the internet you’ll find something a bit more on the ‘heartwarming’ side. I like to check out the fundraisers and the Kickstarters around the way and as I was scanning the sites something caught my eye. It was a fundraisers to help complete a small comic, called “Puppy Rayn”, about…well…puppies! While not necessarily drawn to this for my own interests, it seemed like something my 4-year-old comic enthusiast would rather enjoy. And that’s what brings me to typing out these words.

The fundraiser is to help the writer and original artist, Kevin Conner, to fund the newer artists needed to polish his work on “Puppy Rayn”. After years of strain on his hands, Kevin can’t draw like he used to and is trying to find the money to pay an artist by the name of Andrew DeCrescenzo, who is already interested in completing the comic. I reached out to Mr. Conner for comment, and this is what he had to say for anyone interested in knowing about the project,

“We want to help out and work with educational, health oriented and non-profit organizations and institutions as well as give all kids, and well EVERYBODY, something they can enjoy!”

The story tells of Rayn, a magical heroic dog born on a rainy day. He learns magic from fairies, knows a thing or two about self-defense (saving the world isn’t easy you know!), and has a best friend named Chester who is a cat. They live in straw homes with cobblestone paths, and are in a land ruled by a kind king. And this king named Henry, King Henry.

Connor initially made the characters into a fun and whimsical coloring book and tested the media on a group of very honest young kids. Well, the children loved him, they thought the pictures were fun as well as the storytelling Kevin had introduced. As a mother of an almost kindergartener I thought I’d print some out and see what my own child thought. She loves animals, and she loved Rayne. She now wants a dog… but my husband is allergic. However, she can still have a Rayn the Puppy comic… maybe!

As an added perk, cartoonist Rusty Gillian will draw you a professional illustration of your favorite movie, cartoon, or comic character in exchange for you 15 dollar donations. If you give 30 dollars, he’ll make you two drawings! Take a look at his credentials: He’s a sketch artist for “The Walking Dead” television show as well as for “Captain America:The First Avenger” movie. In addition, he was a paid illustrator for the production of blockbusters Spiderman 1 and 2.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kevin Connor’s cute puppy comic, perhaps you’d like to donate for a personal sketch, or because you’re a great person! The pages can be found below, or by watching the video posted above. There’s about a month’s time left to decide!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Fundraiser Site

Coloring Pages

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