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AtheistShoes v. USPS

Just when you thought ‘Murica couldn’t get any more ridiculousshoes

WHAM! It launches a war on shoes!

An interesting experiment conducted by the Berlin based shoe company Atheist Shoes is raising concerns about the integrity of the US Postal service. After customers of the company saw packages wrapped in the Atheist logo’ed tape, typically arriving late or often never arriving at all. So, Atheist Shoes did what any scientifically driven person would do and conducted a controlled experiment to see if the customer’s concerns held any merit. They did. 

The info-graphic on their pages site reads:

178 packages shipped to 89 people in 49 U.S. States. All packages left Berlin on the same day, and each person was sent two packages. The first was sealed with ATHEIST tape, the second with neutral tape. The result? Boxes sealed with ATHEIST tape were ten-times more likely to go missing, and took an average of three days longer to arrive than neutral-wrapped packages.

2pink-soleAlso noting that in Michigan packages arrived an average of 37 days later! The experiment also included other European countries such as Great Britain, and saw noticeable bias for ‘Atheist’ taped packages. It’s funny how a country who stakes a firm pillar in supposed religious freedom isn’t so keen on you having no religion at all.

Since there was notable delay even in more liberal states, it can be speculated that people may be applying an incorrect meaning to the results. Although highly unlikely, it may not be that there is a bias against atheists but that some brain-dead postal workers are stealing or setting aside the oddly taped packages to show their co-workers. And that by removing the bias of having tape on one and not the other, the tape on the other would have been equally as un/fascinating as what would have been an atheist taped package.

However, seeing as I live in a liberal state surrounded by some of the most shallow and conservative people this side of the Mason Dixon, I’d have to disagree. Branding myself as an atheist, or even as a ‘spiritual person’ who doesn’t subscribe to archaic text, is something I’m not exactly keen on doing even to my friends. Because there is still a severe bias and even assumptions that without religion there is no moral framework for you to be a good person.  I’d truly expect that especially in a stuffy environment filled with old men and women who’s only goal in life is to collect a pension and not have to work after retirement that that mentality would persist.

Is work killing you?


Are you looking forward to a glorious afterlife?

 Atheist Shoes has since contacted the Inspector General of the US Postal Service and asked for their help in replicating this study on a larger basis and with a couple of tighter controls. I hope their request is taken seriously, because  mail-tampering is a federal offense, even for US Postal Service employees. Until then, they’ve stopped using their branded packing tape and package movement has since improved…. hmm.

Spotted on: io9

Nintendo Loses the Game


Shit just got REAL!

After a harsh 2 year battle between the conglomerate Nintendo and former Sony employee Seijiro Tomita, a verdict is finally in. Nintendo has been found guilty of copyright infringement, over the use of glasses-free 3D technology. According to Softpedia, ‘Tomita Technology has said that it has a patent for, “Stereoscopic Image Picking Up and Display System Based Upon Optical Axes Cross-Point Information”.’ Tomita was awarded 30.2 million USD in damages as a result.

As per Reuters, Nintendo’s defense attorney Scott Lindvall is claiming that Nintendo’s wildly popular system doesn’t utilize major aspects linking their own technology to that of Tomita’s patent. Tomita’s defense rests heavily on a meeting between himself and Nintendo back in 2003, while Nintendo argues that they’ve met with several clients in regards to the innovative 3D display.

Nintendo representatives confidently told Polygon:

” The result will be set aside…The jury’s verdict will not impact Nintendo’s continued sales in the United States of its highly acclaimed line of video game hardware, software and accessories, including the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has a long history of developing innovative products while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.”

Following the verdict Nintendo and its legal team were not available for comment. Also to be noted, Tomita was not present during the ruling. An emailed statement to Reuters from the Tomita Technology legal team read:

“We are thankful to the jurors for their diligence and hard work, It has been a honor to represent Mr. Tomita and to protect his invention.”

The official patent is registered at the United States Patent Office under the number 7,417,664. Despite losing the lawsuit here in the states, Nintendo is still allowed to sell the 3DS in the country.

Aksys Helps Great Earthquake Survivors


Aksys Games, in honor of 3/11/11, the day of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, is holding an online Donation Drive. How does it work you ask? Every item a customer purchases from today, March 11th till the 15 2013, Aksys Games will donate $5.00 to the American Red Cross to aid those in Japan still displaced and in need of assistance. If you would like to partake in this donation drive, the online store can be found by following this link.

Aksys, commented on this latest in game-geared charity today statIng simply,

It is our sincerest hope that those still affected by this tragic disaster continue to recover and rebuild.

Aksys Games Inc. is a video game publisher that translates Japanese games into English, famous for it’s work on Guilty Gear. Some their best known clients include Namco Bandai GamesXseed Games, and Atlus USA.

Source: Game Politics

via Gamesoul: Aksys Helps Great Earthquake Survivors.

PETA and the Campaign Against Video Games

Let’s paint a picture of my evening: after a long day of  stress I wind down and begin browsing IGN before I drift to sleep. Then I find this article about PETA’s new publicity target. From then-on-in any thought of sleep I had before was to be lost until I could spit out this post. Even as a teenager I didn’t care for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and now I just fucking hate them. Before I get to the meat of this issue let me explain why I disdain an organization which stands up for the mistreatment and slaughter of innocent animals. My first experience with the boarder-line hate group was at a festival concert in the summer of 2005. It was bad enough GWAR was there jizzing on everyone! The last thing I had wanted to see were pictures of skinned rabbits and geese being pulled apart for down comforters. I have stopped purchasing products that test on animals. Especially products, like down, which profit from torturing animals while they’re still alive. Still, a concert is just not the place to be shoving that in people’s faces! (They were right next to the pulled-pork sandwich stand too… and yes, I did buy a pork sandwich.)


I’d like to interrupt your good time to hand you these pamphlets on animal torture.

The next time I saw PETA… was during an impromptu protest. As I am not a spokesperson for PETA or a member– So I cannot say for sure that these people were officially from PETA the organization rather than a few loose members…I also will not say whether I was or was not there for one of these protests as an extremely uncomfortable invitee, but this is what went down. Some wacko looked up the personal addresses people employed under a few companies which test on animals. Guess what happens next. (If you guessed that they’d protested in front of the houses you’d be correct! + 10 points!) Some were on megaphones, they were chanting and screaming on the streets of these people’s homes while they were with their families! Now, I don’t know if you can or can’t see anything wrong with that– but if you can’t then there’s something fucking wrong with you– seriously, get help. If you are wondering what would happen when the cops were called– they’d all move on to the next person on the list and do it again!… YEAH, I KNOW!

Now that we’ve established my feelings on the group, we’ll move on. The bone PETA is picking: Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and it’s glorification of harpooning majestic whales. That’s right kids– whales are majestic and PETA would rather have you forget any historic occurrences where whales were harpooned. Note that all AC games are set in the past, Black Flag in particular is set during the American Revolution. For those of you who don’t know anything about the 18th c. just understand that colonial Americans hunted whales regularly and used the animal (mainly its blubber) to make many products.


May I suggest a Whale Soap Tutorial as a Pre-Order Bonus?

PETA is implying that AC and Ubisoft are promoting killing whales for sport rather than for what it really is: historical context. Like they’re planning a mass indoctrination of our children’s malleable minds. PETA seems to  fear that our youth will play AC and all of a sudden set sail for the Coast of Monte Carlo with dreams of adventure and an unquenchable lust for whale carcass.  Not only is it ludicrous to assume that children now-a-days aspire to do anything physically straining when they grow-up or well, ever– but this game is based on 18th century pirates for Christ’s sake! I don’t see how it’s such a stretch that they’d be shooting whale while out on the open sea! (I bet they even shoot sharks to be fair!)

I’ve found a portion of the actual PETA statement for this Assassins Creed game via VentureBeat:

Whaling—that is, shooting whales with harpoons and leaving them to struggle for an hour or more before they die or are hacked apart while they are still alive—may seem like something out of the history books, but this bloody industry still goes on today in the face of international condemnation, and it’s disgraceful for any game to glorify it. PETA encourages video game companies to create games that celebrate animals—not games that promote hurting and killing them.

We don’t even hunt whales at the rate we used to. I’ve killed bears and wolves for example in many games that haven’t been put under the PETA scope… probably because we have Americans who actually hunt those beasts regularly so PETA focuses on the real deaths instead of the imaginary ones. But, as a comical contrast, I do recall them attacking Cooking Mama because there was no vegan mode... (See video below)

You see, the problem that PETA has, is the same problem every overly sensitive group has with the media and its popular figures. Feeling like it’s there mission to make an example of every little detail. They yearn to sway the more sensitive individuals who care enough to listen… or maybe are just passing by. It’s admirable, focusing on treating creatures with no voices  with legitimate dignity. But make no mistake about it, if a bear was threatened or hungry it’d kill you– it wouldn’t care about your voice. I’m not saying that gives anyone the moral justification to lock it in a box all it’s life so its meat stays tender. I’m attempting to put things into perspective.(did I do a good job?) PETA’s place isn’t telling a whole industry where to set the bar on standards and moral codes, especially when representing a historic timeframe. PETA isn’t fooling me when they ride in like white-knights, here to save the horses and to see the chickens mate in ‘free range’ farms. Because that’s not who they are– and if it ever was that image is lost to lunatics throwing blood on fur coats. PETA has become that guy who calls animal control for a homeless man’s dog in the winter– while leaving the homeless man outside to die. I’m all for ethical treatment of living things (you know– not just animals), however, the virtual hunting of whale in a video game isn’t unethical or cruel. 

Chinese Court: Lawsuit Over Fake Baby Belly

Being pregnant can be rough on a woman’s body, especially if you’re a working woman on top of making body parts for your unborn child. So, being empathetic and compassionate human beings it isn’t uncommon for a person to relinquish their seat on crowded public transportation trains and buses for these ladies with children. However, thanks to these bimbos in China that may be changing.


Guaranteed to Land YOU a SEAT or Your $$$ Back!

An unbelievably dense woman reported to be named Zang, is suing the company she purchased a $60.00 (about 300 yuan) fake baby belly from. Why? Well it fell off in the middle of her ruse and caused her emotional torment when the passengers mocked her stupid ass. She’s lucky no one beat her up if you ask  me, how dare you take advantage of good willed individuals who now will never get up without a seat without first a feelsie. Robbing seats from this point of women who are actually pregnant. However, I somehow don’t think such a compassionate thought would ever cross this moron’s mind.


Now everyone knows that Jenni is a fraud!

Her case was dismissed, which gives me a little hope in the Chinese legal system which I’d previously lost after seeing a man successfully sue his wife for being ugly ($120,000 dollars to be exact).  But it’s good to know that it isn’t a total free-or-all.


The wife had had plastic surgery and never told him… yeah.

Supposedly the legitimate reason faux bumps (I can’t believe that’s a thing) aren’t uncommon in China is due to the cases where adoptive mothers will wear one as to not let on that her future child isn’t actually hers… but from my American perspective that’s even more bizarre. Then again, I’m not going to attempt understanding the mindset of Chinese cultural norms where mothers who don’t bare their own young are frauds. That’s just wrong. I never thought anyone outside of a movie set and Halloween ever had use for such an invention. Shame on this woman, she deserves ridicule, and shame on China for making women feel like they have to fake an entire pregnancy as part of the adoption process.


How Occupy Ruined V for Vendetta

Initially Anonymous had the right idea cloaking themselves behind the Guy Fawkes mask. He’s a powerful portrait of an underdog. But as a symbol for the [pretty much dead] American-Political Revolution– it just isn’t right. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t presume that Occupy [or the Tea Party despite their lack of Fawkes] lacked passion or patriotism. I’m expressly of the opinion that before any group dons this particular mask they should appreciate and understand who Guy Fawkes actually was.


Protests set to resume [on both sides of partisanship] mid 2015

I take political revolution very seriously. I shouldn’t have to state that, but some people think it’s a joke. I’d give my life if I believed it could promise a better future for the rest of the world. Occupy had some great ideas! To give you an example, when we look at this planet from space we don’t see boarders. (At least I don’t)That was a message which resounded throughout the Occupy movement. It was indeed a movement I could get behind [and OH BOY I did]. A wide spread discussion about peace and making change happen through brotherhood was taking place! It was about refusing a system which cared nothing about our conditions as happy humans. Very hippy, and although I am not a hippy, I like anything that says we should be mirthful and treat living things with respect. But Fawkes, was a terrorist. His motives were very Robin Hood and he was the anti-hero a lot of us comic book nerds cherish. Nevertheless, he wasn’t a fucking hippy. Fawkes was a seasoned war veteran of the Spanish army. He was wrought into something devious during the 80 Years War. He planned on murdering King James (ring a bell Christians?) so that his daughter (a Catholic)  could succeed him! There was nothing neither bloodless or amicable in his persona. The personification of “V” in film and book alike understood that– Occupy Wall Street, not so much.

ImageGuy Fawkes was part of a Catholic regime. King James was threatening the acceptance and power of Catholicism. In the 1605 King James I ordered all Catholic Priests to leave England. So Fawkes and a band of fellow Catholic Crusaders gathered explosive barrels of gun powder and snuck them underneath a segment of Parliament where the King would be at midnight that evening [November the 5th].  Fawkes was the explosives expert, Fawkes was caught, Fawkes was tortured at the Tower of London- and ratted out other members of his conspiracy clan, Fawkes was hung… IN JANUARY. The 5th of November is actually a celebration of the Kings survival— as ordered by King James himself!

Remember Remember…


Guy Fawke’s Confession Signature

His idea– which could not be executed along with his body, sparked something artistic. But, if you hadn’t of read the comics or watched the movie would you still want to get behind that idea? Occupy and Anonymous were gathering behind the dramatized “V”, of course, but who is “V”?– V for Vendetta is my favorite movie.– I watched it maybe 600,000,000 times last year. My boyfriend is seriously so sick of that movie and whenever I put on a film when he’s not looking– it’s the one I pick. The Wachowski Siblings did a marvelous job– no matter what Alan Moore says. On the other hand, if they’d left the ideals of the characters more ambiguous as most of the gripes from purists groan, then it wouldn’t have been so easily placed in the narrative of civil unrest befitting 2012 America.


Original Creator

The comic did a great job of explaining the difference between anarchy  and chaos. In the video I linked [previous paragraph] Moore states, “It’s not the 99% that cause chaos, it is the 1% who are in charge… we need an administration, we don’t need people to boss us about,”– and those ideas are ideas we’re just not ready to accept as a nation. V for Vendetta, the comic, is very British. Guy Fawkes is a British symbol, and fascism was a real threat to many even still alive when it was published. Moore also brought you the humanity behind government party officials– showing you bad guys you actually care about– and showing you what power does to any man no matter his profession… be it television fame or dictatorship.


The Wachowski’s!

V for Vendetta  the movie, was powerful and definitely more Americanized. The motives of all involved were clearer. But that still didn’t change the fact that “V” [Hugo Weaving] basically gave Evey [Natalie Portman] Stockholm Syndrome so she would be a pawn in his plot, and in cold blood assassinated various people for the sake of [duh] vengeance… In the real world that’d be totally unforgivable under almost any circumstances [at least the giving a random girl Stockholm Syndrome part would be!]

So once again, I turn to Occupy Wall Street, and ask, what were you thinking? You aren’t badass anti-hero hackers looking to balance the world by fighting evil with evil. You were chillin’ in Bryant Park rolling cigarettes and waiting patiently and peacefully for the men in charge to hear you outand then they said ‘no’ and it was over! I want to concede that “an idea cannot die” was the core ideal– but I can’t! I’d also add that surely a more fitting model for the cause would have been… I don’t know, Gandhimaybe?


Portrait of Our Guy! 

I support Occupy- but if it wants to be “V” it’s missing something explosive, even if not literally. But I beg of you, don’t get the movement and the figure intertwined! Occupy’s publicity and the media [be it the news or comics] have turned Fawkes into a brand and not a symbol. Why else would I be enjoying my Pizza in Soho, ONE YEAR LATER, only to be asked by some strung out club kid ” Could you tell the owner I’m your friend; so I can use the bathroom without buying a slice?” And oh yeah, if I could just hold his mask for a moment– he added. So now, for me and for many, even the movie and books feel diluted because of those who cling to the mask without adhering to its historic precedent. The movement and the man simply have nothing to do with each other!


Idris Elba Could be Bond, & That’s Okay!


Is that you, Mr. Bond?

Idris Elba is a quality actor, and I’m a little disturbed at how much hate people have reserved for the Golden Globe winner when him and Bond get mentioned in the same sentence. Sometimes it’s about him being black (actually, most of the time it’s about him being black) but occasionally you see someone trying to mask their own preferences and biases with bullshit excuses. Let’s gather the facts, he’s brawny, handsome, talented, can play a bad ass, and is from the UK. I don’t see much of a reason to get pissed off about this notion. James Bond actors always catch a little slack in the start, but Idris hasn’t even been given the official okay. In fact, Daniel Craig still has a contract for 2 more movies! Yet I see heated discussions on the topic all the time. (Granted I frequent no-holds-barreds forums). But I’m finally sick of it and have sat on the topic for a bit of time.  Here are a few of the reasons why they nay-sayers and especially the color haters, are  probably a little slow, in my humble opinion.

1. James Bond was white in the books:

Well, Bond was described in From Russia with Love, in case you’re like me and wondered which book. And as per Wikipedia, (the most reliable source on the web) you’d be wrong,” Bond’s physical description has generally been consistent: slim build; a three-inch long, thin vertical scar on his right cheek; blue-grey eyes; a “cruel” mouth; short, black hair, a comma of which falls on his forehead. Physically he is described as 183 centimetres (6 feet) in height and 76 kilograms (167 lb) in weight.”– no mention of skin color but one could argue that it’s implied with the light eyes. I’ve seen descriptions of Bond with a more muscular build rather than slim, and a clear definition of blue eyes… but who cares. I mean we’ve had a brown eyed Bond, and frankly I don’t think a blue eyed black man would fare too awfully– let’s not pretend like we don’t have colored contacts in 2013! If we can look past the little details that weren’t quite there for the past actors I think we can give Idris some contacts and call it canon! And news flash, Daniel Craig is blond. U mad?

green eyes

Oh shit… well, he doesn’t have a cruel mouth so…

fuck off! 

2. I think he’d be better as “M”… or anyone else:

I love this argument because I don’t remember people being THIS pissed off when “M” was made a woman for the past [almost] 10 years! I didn’t see Judi Dench damping the box office sales. It’s also a way to not attack Idris as a quality actor because there are no legitimate reasons to not cast him. Personally I thought Anne Hathaway was a  terrible choice for Cat Woman… but I got over it quickly. Bond is a name that sells no matter what– much like Star Wars. How many of you bitched and still bitch about the terrible prequels, however went to see Episode 1 opening night in 3D? Exactly, shut the fuck up. The gender and color of an actor should not be a major factor when you consider certain movie roles. Idris has said himself that he didn’t come to the USA to play black roles- just roles. And that’s exactly what he’s doing. James Bond is a fictional character, it’s not like you cast Will Smith to play the Queen of England, it’s fiction not documentary. Remember when I mentioned Daniel Craigs hair, well he could have dyed it. But he didn’t and I’m glad he didn’t. Both Skyfall and Casino Royale did exceptionally well despite his hair, I know I enjoyed them both.

We should be considering talent the paramount feature here, right?


Well, yeah…

3. They should make a new character– based off of James Bond:

Great idea! This one is my favorite because it’s the easiest to dissect. This suggests that someone should make an almost identical franchise only with black people! I’m sure that hasn’t been done beforehas it Tyler Perry? No? Well, let’s have you and Spike duke it out for a minute then! — Anyone who would suggest this isn’t even trying to not sound racist. Yeah, I said it, racist. What the fuck is wrong with people that they are so turned off by the color of an actor that they’d suggest they make an entire new franchise for him instead! How is that even fucking logical?! No, really, who says that out loud? If you at some point thought this was a good argument against casting a black Bond… stop, because it’s not. It’s so insulting to insist that some unchangeable physical qualities of an actor should not allow him or her to be in an already successful franchise. And then in the same note suggest that said actor could do very well in a different, unassociated, but similar one. Being black isn’t like being obese, it’s not due to faulty glands or bad habits. Do you see what I mean? Being a purist Bond fan is one thing, but this type of argument is blatant ignorance. Please, spare us all your stupidity! You’re probably the same kind of person who would protest affirmative action because you think college didn’t give you financial aid for being the wrong color. Yeah, that’s fucking wrong too but it’s the same exact fucking problem.

4. I’m Just Against Liberal Socialist Hollywood Standards:

This suggests that Hollywood casts actors of different races solely because it’s politically correct. And unfortunately as long as we have scumbags who see life as black and  vs white, perhaps there will always be some truth to it. But take a moment to read a quote by Idris from 2011 and then tell me for certain that Idris doesn’t deserve a shot at the role because he’s dark skinned. When Linda Wertheimer of Morning Edition asked Idris if he’d consider trying out for the role of James Bond he proclaimed, “I’d not only get in the cab [to meet with producers] but I’d take the taxi driver out of the car, hostage…jump out while it was moving, jump onto a pedal bike that was just past the door as I got on it, and then get onto a plane—on the wing—land on top of Sony Studios, slide through the air conditioning, and land in the office,”– Sorry, but he at least deserves a casting call for his resume and enthusiasm. And not just him, but LOTS of actors could be good Bond characters and even Bond himself. We let color get in the way of our considerations and that’s why something as horrible as racism still exists in all shades and cultures. It’s a fucking virus and it needs to be stopped! Not regulated, it needs to be consciously stopped and taught through compassionate and sane individuals who breed. That’s not me being a liberal, that’s me being empathetic.


Black, Brown, Yellow, or Normal!!!

5. He’s Too Old… or He Will Be:

You know, this is the only argument I’ve seen that I can agree with. Why? Because Daniel Craig (as I mentioned before) is in contract for 2 more movies. By the time they decide on a director, a book to shoot, various other red tape yadda yadda yadda… it will probably be too late for Idris. So yeah, CC: me on this argument and I’ll cosign.  But even still, he’s not that old. With the right director and cast he’d still be convincing even after all those years. Then it’s just a matter of contract. I’m not going to go too into this because it’s self explanatory and this article is long enough.

Take it with you that I’m not saying Idris is the end all and be all to the Bond Legacy. I hope that we still have yet to see the best of the best when it comes to our cherished spy. Just don’t be so quick to spew ridiculous slander over such a non-talent-factor. Fans of  the comic petitioned and roared over  Elba being cast in Thor. And he played the part of the Heimdall the Gatekeeper seamlessly! Actually, if it weren’t for my interest in James Bond I never would have even known that anyone gave a fuck that he wasn’t white for that role! I didn’t realize people still gave a shit about this and perhaps that’s what prompted me to care in the first place. In NYC the color of the act isn’t why you give your money or go out and support the talent. I mean I know people have preferences with dating and mating… not that I’m promoting that either, but do you really care about the color of Heimdall? It’s not affecting your life! That’s so fucking shallow it’s unforgivable.


Is Yoga Menacing Inside Your Child’s Christian Mind?

San Diego California is not particularly known for their religious nut-jobs, but every dog has it’s day or so they say.  Parents of a not yet named girl are pursuing a lawsuit against their daughter’s elementary school because of a free and optional yoga program. Their claim, that it is a seed of the DEVIL! Well, they didn’t actually say that but that’s exactly what they mean– fucking quacks!


OH, the indoctrination! 

The attorney representing them has somehow within one statement managed to dislodge himself and his clients from this realm of reality when he made the following statement, “[free yoga classes are] frankly the clearest case of the state trampling on the religious freedom rights of citizens that I have personally witnessed in my 18 years of practice as a constitutional attorney,”(Did you like how I italicized the craziest parts?) Was this intentionally wackadoodled for the press or did this attorney actually say something that stupid? One may never know, but the point I’m making is a simple and obvious one. Yoga as exercise has nothing to do with the religions which created it on a major level. It’s offered in many places of education (including my own college) free of charge as a very healthy and beginner friendly form of exercise and relaxation that evolves with the participant. It is also a very effective form of low strain exercise for physical therapy  On a personal level Yoga has helped me find relief from severe neck pain caused by a car accident and it’s helped me with my bad circulation– I’m no Buddhist but I’d say that’s pretty damn impressive!


That’s one way to be a bad parent…

These parents FAIL on two major levels, one, they are breeding severe ignorance about religious freedoms, and two they don’t understand the definition of OPTIONAL. Optional, the same defense their same team of lawyers use when demanding the allocation of prayer groups in public schools. Funny right? –No it’s really fucking sad. When our founding fathers called for a separation of church and state, they meant it. I can’t imagine anything is stopping a prayer group in schools. My schools also had those, prayer groups, although most of us preferred to pray and study our scriptures in our respective churches. We had a prayer room for students who wanted to pray (especially Muslim students who prayed multiple times during the day because it was mandatory for them) free from discrimination, and we also had free yoga classes. No one was forced, and nobody should ever be. That’s what freedom is about. We can’t just go and sue everybody whenever they come up with an idea that scares us like these greedy crazy parents are doing!  Exercise, despite it’s origins, isn’t about religion, just like Christmas from a commercial standpoint isn’t any longer about Christ.  Think about that.



SOPA Didn’t Pass– SO WHAT? Say the USA!


I think we who frequent the internet can recall the controversial SOPA Act that didn’t pass back in 2012. I for one was relieved knowing that Google hasn’t yet quite ruled the world. We sacrifice a lot willingly on the internet, just take Facebook for example. But what I read today baffled me. Major internet companies are implementing ‘policy’ of a 6 strike system to internet pirates! They threaten to slow down your internet for a period of time, and even force you to pay a $35.00 fee after the 6th strike! FUCK OFF! I’m not going to even touch how this could effect places that offer free WiFi such as college campuses, because as my readers I anticipate you can do that math yourself.

AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Cable Vision all claim it is to discourage ‘casual piracy‘ but let’s be frank– these companies are tired of losing business (i.e. people like me who only pay for internet instead of overpriced commercials) because we’re too savvy. I have Internet, basic television, I have AdBlock Plus, I have Netflix… and when all of those don’t have what I want I have “piracy”. Because I’m not going to pay $250.00 a month for the fluke chance that there is something not legally available and commercial free for me on the internet within a timely manner. Even UFC is available through Xbox Live! I mean seriously, I pirate maybe 5 times a year at best.

ImageThey’ll find a way around this. These crusaders for the rest of us.

You may be saying, you only pirate 5 times a year, how come you’re so pissed off? I’m rip-roaring mad because this is just another example of our American Justice System of Checks and Balances FAILING due to monopolizing companies bought out by “special interest groups”! I pay for my music, I pay for my movies, but sometimes I care about a History Channel special that isn’t available without a hefty instillation and monthly fee. Yeah, you can argue that if I don’t want to pay the cost then I should just do without. Well, I do want to pay the cost, it’s just too damn high! Maybe these cable stations should take the hint that times are achangin’ and evolve just like newspapers have!

I’ll forego these major companies and move to third party third rate services if this actually effects people I know, or myself. Perhaps since the Justice System has undoubtedly failed, the free market will prevail. Internet piracy isn’t just about free movies and music. I don’t think 2 Chains is hurting. Don’t forget that ‘pirating’ also makes available knowledge and educating materials to countries and impoverished people who don’t have the same opportunities we have in the USA. And without the crusaders here providing them with the resources we take for granted and most of us don’t even use, these learning thirsty people in the third world would never have a chance to know. Knowing is powerful, and it shouldn’t ever have a price tag. Sometimes things aren’t so black and white, I know I’d steal from a rich man to feed a poor child if I couldn’t afford it. I feel even more strongly about feeding their minds. 

Slavery, C-SPAN, Kerry, and Satan!


I can shoot Russia from my backyard

Did I really just read that Mississippi just ratified the 13th Amendment earlier this month? You know, only during the second term of our first black president. I’m not outraged by this or anything, obviously it hasn’t hindered the progress of the rest of the country much. But it’s still funny to see one of our 50 states 150 years behind the times. I mean, isn’t Mississippi one of those crusader states who throw the Constitution in the face of any politician who threatens their right to bear arms? (Yes, they are one of them). And really, I’m all for that, I’m just a sucker for blatant irony.

il_fullxfull.290603492-1High-five for racial equality! 

I wonder if they saved it for a year ending in “13”? 2-7-13 to be exact… I’m no numerology expert but those numbers are pretty suspect. Perhaps all of those Illuminati conspiracies were actually working up to something…errm, legitimate? I doubt it. Regardless, this adds to my feelings that state government is virtually useless in terms of surpassing the federal government. Like the states who legalize marijuana but still get raided.


Now can you see it?

In addition to big news in Mississippi, I was watching C-Span the other day in order to catch Secretary of State, John Kerry’s speech. Afterwards, they took callers to add to the conversation and it took a turn for the comically sad. One man in particular called Kerry ‘an Illuminati Pawn’ involved with SATAN! The host asked “Did you just say ‘Satan‘?” and when the caller replied yes he was greeted with a polite good-bye. I’m not sure if I feel like we should disregard all of the tinfoils, but lets leave the imaginary deities out of the conversation. ♥

I love C-SPAN, I love that it’s on basic TV. I watch it all day, do you see why?

School Shootings and Videogames! (Let’s Point Fingers, Bitches!)


I had to include this somewhere…

Here it goes again. You know what I’m talking about. There’s been a school shooting and its time to blame the video games! Now, because one of my hobbies is studying history, I find it hard to ignore the irony in blaming video games for gun violence when I can open up a text book and point to a million different reasons for it . And yeah, that includes our own constitution here in America if you want to get ‘microscopic’. Do we really have to pretend like America wasn’t born and bathed in the blood of many since before it’s official declaration in 1776? Don’t take my word for it, look it up. I’m not surprised, however, because the only thing we’re better at in the USA other than foriegn occupation is avoiding ownership of our own (usually government’s) bad actions. Everyone knows what happened in the 1940’s Germany, but how many History Channel shows focus on the The Trail of Tears? We’re blind to our own bullshit! And now, whenever there is a mass shooting of any kind we all turn to the media to tell us who to blame, and often it points its fingers at another form of media. I’m not suggesting that culture isn’t partially to blame when we analyze what makes crazy people crazy, but I’m also not going to get behind this idea that video games reinforce violence when I can pull out a history book that proves that violence prevails with or without modern technology and media.


Graphics so good they’re almost real… almost right?

Where do we get our obsession with guns from anyway? I think I have a good theory, hear me out. We’ve been at “war” since I was old enough to understand the voting process. We’ve been involved in “war” unofficially and officially for my entire life. Perhaps that’s more to blame for my generation’s violent outbursts and savage acts of gun violence than “Duck Hunt“? The other day I posted on Facebook a guide to help women avoid being raped by a surprise attacker. A well meaning  friend commented that I wouldn’t need to know any of the written techniques, if I (or any woman) were  equipped with a license to conceal and carry. Has it really gotten to the point where I shouldn’t leave my home or be in my home without being armed? Let me take this moment to assure my more worried readers, “Duck Hunt” didn’t condition me to be scared within my own home, the news has though. “Duck Hunt” also hasn’t encouraged me to be a gun owner, but I could probably look to the news for that as well. Let it be known, that I hate the news. I hate it all, because here in the states it seems to fill me with irrational fears. Please take this time to note a stark inverse, despite the fact that I’m not a Double F flat tummied buxom babe– video games, especially women in video games, have empowered me and not brainwashed me.


Yeah, the original FPS in all of it’s glory.

Video games are not to blame for why I am riddled with fear of other countries, fear to travel abroad, fear to go out at night, fear of strangers, fear that I’m going to be strangled and raped walking up to my apartment. I fear people with guns, I fear people with knives, I fear people with cars. I hear about other countries where the people don’t lock their doors even after they’ve been robbed. I remember seeing people who lived like that  in Bowling for Columbine. A quote in the documentary, about that in particular, struck me deeply and never left me. The Canadian put it as follows, “You think as Americans the lock is keeping people out of your place. We as Canadians see it as when we lock the door we’re imprisoning ourselves,”. In Canada the news stations are held much more accountable for what they broadcast, as a result the news is more honest and less scary. I believe that the citizens feel a lesser need for guns, gun violence is down, and people aren’t generally as frightened of each other like we are here in America. I don’t want to live in a cage! But I also don’t want to be murdered and raped just for looking out of place! There has to be a way to present the ugly in this world without sensationalizing it.


These are almost ALL of my fears wrapped-up in one graphic!

I sat in my living room the other day and watched a CBS special on Andrew Lanza. Lanza was the man who in cold-blood shot school children in Newtown CT. CBS delivered a thinly veiled message practically begging parents to become paranoid wrecks. The story cited that Lanza locked himself away for days in a basement– alone– GAMING. All joking aside, fuck you CBS. Fuck you because that’s pretty normal here in America. The story also mentioned that he had an “extensive game collection”. Well CBS, so do I, please analyze me for my copy of Wall-E on the Wii, or how about Rayman Origins! Let’s take a moment to think freely and understand that not all games are violent.   It’s been studied and proven that the only way video games will enhance dangerous behavior is if the person is already predisposed to that sort of behaviors (see Sherry, 2001; Ferguson, 2007). Theoretically, a  normal person can lock themselves up and play games 365 days a year and the only results will be possible “neckbeard“, unemployablity and definite lack of “girlfriend”.  If gun murder really was the result of intensive gaming our death rate by guns would be much higher than 4.8% per 100,000.


Don’t get me wrong, this is scary, but not deadly.

I wonder what is more striking for parents who aren’t familiar with video games and war. For that matter, not just parents, anybody really. Is it really how violent games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor are? Or is it that these games are too true to life? What gets me all fired up about this is that, once again, the games up for debate mirror real life. I don’t see anyone getting pissed off at Wall-E,  Rayman, or most other cartoony platformers. Ratchet and Clank utilize guns, did you know? I did however notice 7  Navy Seals in the news getting rammed for ‘releasing military secrets’ after Medal of Honor dropped. (I wonder what kind of secrets they really could have released since that game was total garbage. It couldn’t have been anything too good…)

They never ever point out that violence is just one of our many cultural norms being reflected in these games.  I have some questions and they’re radical ones, so brace yourself. Ask:

  • Are you really offended by the violence in these rampantly popular first person shooter and war games?
  • Or, are you mortified that we’re bringing the wars that are currently being fought on other land’s soil into our living rooms?
  • Do we feel affronted when our children are exposed to violence of such a nature?
  • Or, are we abashed that children are seeing a watered down version of gruesome reality?
  • Do you find it uncomfortable explaining to a 13 year old boy that when one soldier shoots another soldier, in real life, that he doesn’t get to respawn and play another game?


Fuck you, THIS is ‘Murica Game-Land!

Who did the media blame before the 70’s when video games were all just Combat, Space Invaders, and Pong? If you guessed comic books you’d be correct! I doubt that many of my readers are old enough to recall 1954, but that was the year Fredric Wertham published The Seduction of the Innocent. ‘Seduction’, was a critical review of comic books. It was a bogus answer to the why-are-the-youngsters-so-violent question. He analyzed Wonder Woman, citing her lasso of truth as an innuendo for lesbianic bondage. Batman and Robin were secretly gay lovers (I know what you’re thinking: that’s where those rumors originated!). If you can do the math, that’s making Batman not just a homosexual (God forbid!), but also a pedophile (Now seriously, God FORBID). Superman, not so humorously, was pinned as fascist and “Un-American” (It’s 2013 and we’re still scared of immigrants).  The publication, naturally, sky rocketed to best seller status. It led to parental panic that comics–not bad parenting or maybe mental illness– were the cause of teenage delinquency! Does that sound familiar? Before it was video games it was cartoons, before cartoons it was movies, before movies it was comic books, and before comic books they blamed masturbation! Fuck these quacks and talking-heads trying to point fingers at just about everything… except the individual’s mental state, or the shitty work regimen most of us are slaves to, to shit faced teenagers who we are forced to go to school with, or fucked up spouses, or to neglectful parenting… for example. Sure, you may cite a fluke where they mention these issues, but they’re rarely the bread and butter of the story in the case of major networks.


Independents for the Legislation for the Regulation of Shitty Sonic Games .

 Fuck this country’s backwards moral loopholes. I love America, I love freedom, I hate that stand-out wackos are not held truly accountable  as long as we can point the finger at an innocent bystander. Imagine that the next step,  every state will require us to exchange fingerprints and personal information when purchasing or trading in games. Florida back in 2008 implemented that  into law! Yet, we can order a gun over the internet without a background check if we’re in a lenient enough state? Let’s get one thing straight, games are not illegal paraphernalia, and are not accessories to crimes.  Let’s stop mentioning them when trying to paint a picture of the disturbed young mind. My greatest fear here is that the older generations just don’t understand the changing entertainment industries, and the younger generations don’t have a voice everyone is willing to listen to. This mentality will prevail as long as we allow fear to cloud our judgments over the willingness to learn about the materials in question.


Pay close attention. Breaking NEWS ahead!

These analysts and talking-heads don’t actually play the same video games they brutally dissect (SHOCKER I KNOW!). They just blindly attack because they know that parents and grandparents watch the news, and they know that parents especially tend to be too busy providing a life for their beloved children to monitor every game they play. The major media outlets are playing off of just another fear, and they’re not even doing a very good job of it! Take a look the following link at the end of this sentence, it boggles me that major channels get away with this shit! After intense analysis and hearing violence being pegged at creative inventions I’ve loved all my life (e.g. games, comics, cartoons), it’s my professional opinion that news stations are pining for hysteria. They no longer care about actually making a change in the world. They aren’t interested in educating the masses and exposing corruption. Watergate’s publicity would never happen in 2013! These major stations and papers are only interested in exploiting controversy, making money, and forcing people’s undivided attention through fear. After all, are you going to be giving them ratings by enjoying the outdoors, exploring other countries, seeing with your own eyes that people are still people– even in the lands we occupy? Today it’s video games, tomorrow who knows.


I feel you bro.

Shooting people when not in fear for your life is unforgivable. If you ask me, shooting innocent children is the most heinous of shootings. I hope there is a punishment beyond death awaiting these murders– especially the cowards who kill themselves to escape justice. Aside from that, I understand that police, and any other authority for that matter, are purely reactionary. There is no way for anyone to be anywhere without knowing that they have to be there in the first place! (Did that make sense?) I understand the comfort of being a conceal and carry, but I don’t want to live in a society where I’m made to believe, simply because a first person shooter is the best selling game in the world, that I should have to carry a gun on me to go to the mall or the movies or the fucking diner. You should be comfortable enough with your own body to protect yourself with a gun, but certainly without a gun too! It’s just not true that the rise in FPS popularity is going to cause more mass shooting– or cause need for greater gun regulation. Entertainment to a degree does perhaps dictate our culture, but it undeniably also reflects it…

  • It’s not possible for me to encompass my entire beliefs of this issue in one post. It’s long enough already if you ask me. But perhaps, I’ll return to it. Please comment and share, I’d like to know how people feel about this issue as well.