Thank You, Another Castle

Another Castle is closed, officially. I’m deeply sad, but at the same time profoundly proud of the work we’ve accomplished with this tiny webspace.

Personally, as a writer this is where I sharpened my claws. This is where many talented individuals worked beside me and springboarded to greater feats.

We’ve gone on to be professional journalists, convention coordinators, web personalities, and even game developers.

Another Castle was a benchmark not just to us, either, but an underground surge where we broke important stories and shared unique points of view often unseen on major outlets. With a tiny team we changed tides.

Another Castle was different. Our goal was to train new writers and get them the skills for paid work. Like a workshop where you got what you put in. And lucky for the few who stuck it out, they had Jen, our captain, to teach them skills I’ve only ever seen her lend for free.

If only it could have lasted forever.

Thank you Another Castle. And especially thank you Jen. Without you I’d not be doing all of the wonderful things I am. Without you, I’d only have a blog.

From the bottom of my heart.

I hope we find a way to do it bigger and better in the future.

And thank you, readers. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for reading. Thank you so fucking much for the most incredible 3 and a half years.

Paige Six
Cheif Operating Officer of Another Castle
P.S. Jen, you’re the best editor I’ve ever had, really, and an invaluable friend.

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