New Vintage Inspired Spider-Woman Variant Enrages No One!

Spider-Woman Variant by artist Paige Six

spider woman

 Approved by The Comics Code.

I cannot believe I’m announcing to you guys my first ever variant cover for Marvel’s Spider-Woman! It is an honor to have my pitch picked up, and to have my vision for who Spider-Woman really is shared with the world!

No, but seriously…

One day, once upon a time, I was looking up sexy comic book themed costumes to wear for my boyfriend (an impossible task in that day and age). He has a Spider-Woman thing, while I wasn’t feeling up to sewing my own. Although, it was depressing to realize he may never get to rip an overly expensive jumpsuit in the name of comic fetishes, a light was to be seen at the end of the tunnel. I found this gem: A woman, wearing a Spider-Woman mask upside down. If you didn’t realize that mask was upside down, I’d suggest not publicly admitting it.

Sometimes, I debate waiting for him, wearing nothing but an upside down Spider-Woman mask…

 …the thought gives me chills.

My boyfriend and I got a real kick out of this picture. Unfortunately, the quality was low. It doesn’t stop me from getting a giggle out of it! Now, it can be your very own Spider-Woman Variant cover! Available for commissions at your next local Comic Con!

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