VIDAR: Fully Funded & Looking for The Greenlight!


To my delight, with just 45 minutes left on the clock, I found Vidar has met its first stretch goal! This means that Vidar will feature a New Game+ mode. Along with the good news, I’d seen this heartfelt message (above) from developer Dean Razavi on the Kickstarter page.

Thanks to everyone who contributed by way of my articles, and to those who contributed simply by way of passion for the project. Please look for my future interview with Vidar artist Becca Bair in the (very) near future!

I’m proud of my involvement with this Kickstarter, I am proud of my name being featured as a founder (I backed the game), and I’m ecstatic for the artists working on this amazing endeavor who now get to see Vidar come to fruition. This is “hella” exciting!

The team’s next step is to get The Greenlight on Steam. Please, if you have a Steam account, consider up-voting this ambitious game.

Long live Vidar… or something like that, because everyone dies.

To the Greenlight

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