Dean Razavi on VIDAR Stretch Goals: “Things which enhance the game – experiences and not content”


As you may already know, I was lucky enough to catch an interview with Dean Razavi of Vidar, on behalf of kick-ass video gaming site, Gaming Rebellion. My initial interview was featured on the Vidar Kickstarter, went viral on Reddit, and has gotten thousands of hits in the last day and a half! Why? Because Vidar, the RPG Puzzler where everyone dies, is exactly the kind of game die-hard RPG fans have been craving since childhood!

This is not a second interview, this is an update and a means of added incentive. Vidar has been fully funded, and with just 40 hours left on the clock has the chance to meet some lovely stretch goals!

When I interviewed the developer, my first 5 questions anticipated that Vidar would exceed its goal. But as I asked what stretch goals Razavi was going to offer if the game exceeded its (relatively small) 18,000 dollar goal, he seemed hesitant,”At the outset I had some stretch goals up my sleeve, but now it looks like funding is going to be a photo-finish. If we make it, it’ll be just”. 

That was Razavi, an extremely humble man, responding to the to the prospect of a stretch goal! I KNOW, but ain’t it always true that the best don’t see their own genius? Luckily, he’s not a pessimist, and he went into detail on two key facets that could really elevate this already breathtaking concept.


Stretch Goal $19,000:

Some goals are simply practical, such as the introduction of a New Game+ feature:

“One of the big ones is New Game +, to allow you to control the order of deaths once you’ve played the game through”, he explained, “It’s a tool that I think is really important for people who want to come back to see a new story. So let’s say you play the game and the nun Bernadett dies the first night, you never really get to see her story. I want New Game+ to allow you to play another game and save Bernadett – I’d hate for her to die on like the 3rd night the next time you play”.

Stretch Goal $23,000:

Other more expensive goals Razavi had in mind aren’t as pragmatic as a New Game+, but elevate Vidar to a more sophisticated standing compared to other indie titles currently on the market:

“The other stretch goals we have include a live orchestra performance of Adrian’s brilliant score, illustrations for in-game cut-scenes during each NPC’s death, and localization. Stretch goals,” Razavi believes,”are a fine balance between getting a core experience into the game and leaving out stuff that really should’ve been in it. So I only wanted the stretch goals to be things which enhance the game – experiences and not content”.


If you’re interested in helping Vidar be the best experience it can be, there is still time to donate to the Kickstarter and meet the Stretch Goals! While you’re at it, please take a look at my Gaming Rebellion interview with Razavi, and my coverage of this Kickstarter over on Another Castle!

3 thoughts on “Dean Razavi on VIDAR Stretch Goals: “Things which enhance the game – experiences and not content”

  1. Update: With just 45 minutes left on the clock, I see that Vidar has met its first stretch goal!!!

    Thanks to everyone who contributed by way of my articles, and to those who contributed simply by way of passion for the project. I’m proud of my involvement with this Kickstarter, am proud of my name being featured as a founder (I backed the game), and I’m ecstatic for the artists working on this amazing endeavor who now get to see Vidar come to fruition.

    The team’s next step is to get The Greenlight on Steam. Please, if you have a Steam account, consider up-voting this ambitious game. Long live Vidar… or something like that, because everyone dies.

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