VIDAR THE GAME: 3 Days Left on Kickstarter

Another Castle

Vidar the Game is the Kickstarter that every die-hard RPG fan is talking about. That’s probably why this innovative little gem is almost fully funded with just 3 days left on its Kickstarter campaign. A game about loss, discovery, and a project that promises a big world experience within a tiny scope.

Inspired by Pope’s Papers Please, New York City based indie developer, Dean Razavi, sought out to create a microcosm similar to the passport booth in Paper’s Please. What makes Vidar so special is how Razavi’s NPCs carry on real stories of their own, randomized, offering the player a truly unbiased and unique experience with each play through. Ambitious to say the least, but Razavi believes he has what it takes to pull it off.

Razavi explained in an interview that it was a lifelong love of classic RPG and action games compounded by the loss of a dear relative that had him…

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