Dave Gibbons Interview: On The Art of Comics, Kingsmen, and More


For the premiere of the new hit movie Kingsmen: The Secret Service, I was granted the distinct privilege of meeting with Dave Gibbons for a live interview. For those of you who do not know, Gibbons is a legend in the comic book community. His most notorious work was completed in the 80’s with Alan Moore, on the famed Watchmen comics.

Watchmen was one of the first gritty breakthrough comics to establish the industry as more than just a subculture. Watchmen was an accessible, potent phenomenon. Since then, Gibbons has gone on to achieve many wonderful feats, and has aided in many innovations that shaped the comic industry in more subtle ways.

I arrived at Manhattan based JHU Comic Books more than an hour early, and a line to meet Mr. Gibbons had already began to form. Fans with graphic novels and memorabilia were clamoring into the intimate signing space, in order to meet the comic book legend, accompanied by his lovely wife. (Read More on IGN…)

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