Brutal Angry Joe Interview with Paradox Tackles Broken Gaming

Another Castle

February 19, 2015 — Angry Joe, a video game reviewer with experience as a game tester released a cut throat interview with Paradox Interactive‘s CEO Fredrik Wester, & Shams Jorijani, the company’s VP of Acquisitions. Paradox has been the provider of some unfortunately broken games in the recent past, including Magicka and Sword of the Stars II.  The representatives not only owned up to their mistakes, but took viewers through a step-by-step process of how Paradox met their missteps in this genuine attempt to set the records straight and rectify their mistakes.

“Are you a pathological liar?” Angry Joe, an admittedly huge fan and supporter of the company asked, not pulling any punches as he grilled Wester and Jorijani. Joe harped on Sword of the Stars II which was completely unplayable upon release after addressing the immature and short lived hype that Paradox Interactive promotes during their announcements and events.

“There are a few different reasons why…

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