Happy Birthday COILEDROSE!

ec273b3176e349774f89bdd510cf71b8Today, February 16, 2015, marks the second year since I posted the first video game article here on CoiledRose. Initially this blog was top secret. I was a bit bashful about sharing my writing with people, especially those I knew. But you all found my blog anyway, and as it has gained popularity, I have gained confidence.

Today I clock in at 4,623 subscribers. That’s not even counting my WP followers!

I’m so glad I went public, and even more glad that I eventually showed my face. The choice has lead me to interviews with some of my favorite industry professionals, out to conventions, to a top read NY video game writer for examiner.com, a feature interview for Original PSP’s Women of Gaming, gushing over Ken Levine for Attack of the Fanboy, a Management position on Another Castle, and a live show with Ladies of the Roundtable!

It all started here, on CoiledRose.*this was my first post*. *But it’s my second post that I love the most*. Please read them! For those of you who are new, see how my writing has evolved.

I kind of miss the gritty spitball opinion pieces. Do you? I have so many hidden works that I think don’t blend with my professional pieces anymore. Maybe I’ll get it in me to publish them, soon. I still get nervous sometimes!

Some of the posts (ok, most of the posts) I write on CoiledRose are unpolished. But hey, I can be unpolished at times! I write from my heart, here, and that’s not always the most clean-cut strategy for a writer. That’s why this is a blog, my blog. I’m glad to have you here helping me along.

While you’re here! Would you kindly sign my guest book?

Thanks for two fantastic years of support, love, and fellowship. Thanks for being the greatest geeks in the world!

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