Another Castle

Revolutionary for its time, Ultima games paved way for Western RPG classics before slipping back into the folds of time. With them followed many facets of the gaming experience which Ultima titles introduced. A new Kickstarter from OtherSide Entertainment has not only the boldness to bring that all back, but the talent to make it authentic, and relevant in their game, Underworld Ascendant.

Cherished titles the likes of BioShock, Deus Ex, and Elder Scrolls owe nearly everything to the groundbreaking Ultima games. The series not only established never before created concepts such as 3D immersion, but were games that delivered personal autonomy and ever-changing experiences that games today typically fall short of — despite more impressive technology and hefty promises of just that.

Finally, 23 years after Ultima Underworld was released, the series creators have emancipated the franchise. This news ignited excitement throughout the video game world. Indie developer OtherSide Entertainment, led by Paul Neurath, made haste and has cast his bid to…

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