Manners Make the Man: An Update on my DAVE GIBBONS Interview!


Yesterday, I had the esteemed privilege of covering a Dave Gibbons signing for JHU Comic Books in Manhattan (Full Interview HERE). Gibbons was promoting his and Mark Millar’s new book and movie adaptation, Kingsmen: The Secret Service! However, Gibbons is known for much more, such as his work on Watchmen (have you heard of it?) and Green Lantern Corps: To Be a Lantern.

I have been up since 6:30 this morning transcribing my audio notes into text, and gushing to myself over a cup of coffee just how lovely Mr. Dave Gibbons actually was. If you ever get the chance to meet Dave Gibbons, you must.

I have worked with comic artists professionally before, and I have been to many signings as a fan, but so far none have been as engaging or endearing as Dave Gibbons. I cannot wait to put this interview into words and plaster it over the internet. It has to be perfect!

Gibbons was uncommonly kind, not just in the way a professional is supposed to be. He interacted, joked, drew custom pictures, and warmly personalized every autograph his entire time at JHU. It was something to behold, witnessing an artist with such genius and passion be as humble and enduring as he is.

Naturally, an artist of his caliber turned out quite a crowd, even despite the event being early on a weekday. Nearly everyone had a story, a series of questions, and an abundance of work for him to customize. Each fan received a unique and personalized experience.

gibbons collage 1

As I acted as a fly-on-the-wall, I learned so much from and about Mr. Gibbons.

It was a shame that Mark Millar was not able to attend the event, as initially planned. He had a medical emergency and was not allowed to fly. The poor guy also missed out on his NYC movie premiere for Kingsmen: The Secret Service, as a result! Mr. Millar has been extremely kind to me as well, on the Twitter. With some luck, perhaps we will see him at JHU later on in the year! One can hope, right?!

Lastly, I can not rave enough about JHU Comics, they have been my main comic book shop since 2009 when I moved to NYC, way before I ever became a professional writer. I especially want to thank Dani Ward, who coordinated the event and invited me to do coverage. She is an amazing asset to JHU and a huge reason why the store feels like a second home to me. Her Twitter will be listed below along with Gibbons, Millar and JHU, if you would like to follow them!

I believe that’s enough of a blog rant! I hope that you all enjoy the coverage that should be posted shortly around the web.

Please, follow on Twitter:

Dave Gibbons: @davegibbons90

Mark Millar: @MrMarkMillar

Kingsmen Movie: @KingsmanMovie

JHU Comics: @JHUComicBooks

Dani Ward: @DanielleWard

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