343 Reveals HALO 5 Beta Results

Another Castle

February 6, 2015 — 343 Industries released a Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer on December 29, 2014 for Xbox One users. The beta was a 3-week test, and an unprecedented venture for the company, according to the official Halo blog.

The developer normally uses beta testing to aid in online player density predictions, and to ensure smooth transitions in the final stages, and only weeks prior to the game’s drop date. Halo 5 is expected to release late 2015. The team working on Halo 5 feared this experiment could have proven detrimental for them, and spent the past few weeks poring over player feedback from the aforementioned sources.

In order to maximize feedback potential Halo‘s team synchronously launched the Halo Community Feedback Program. The intention of HCFP was to directly engage with the most passionate and experienced members of Halo games. With a culmination of over 19,000 players and more than 900 gameplay…

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