WOW! DC is Ending NEW 52



After a few years stabbing at an alternate DC Universe, my favorite half of The Big 2 is calling for yet another overhaul. Or is it? According to journalist Joshua Yehl over at IGN, DC reports that they’re not going to be doing away with the New 52 continuity, but rather simply her imprint. Which is okay with me, because it’s been 2 years already and we can stop calling this run new.  

This relaunch will come after the end of April and May’s Convergence event. DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio sent out a press release claiming this not reboot heralds in a new era of DC Comics! “Whether you’ve been a DC fan your whole life, or whether you are new to comics – there will be a book for you beginning in June”. 24 of them, to be exact. Taking the place of some of my favorite lines such as Batwoman. But let’s face it, DC let that line down when they allowed W. Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams III to walk.

This is what happens…


When Johnathan Kent lives too long!

Honestly, I’m a bit conflicted by all of this. I know that DC is mercilessly trying to rope in new consumers intimidated by larger numbers on covers. That can be annoying, but it seems to be a working strategy in this modern and booming industry.

Lastly, throughout the multiverse, this past 2 or so years, we’ve seen characters not bound by a linear timeline drop hints that things in the New 52 just weren’t right. Such as Lois and Superman not being together, or the early death of his father, being possibly detrimental to the current reality. I’m wondering when and if DC is going to bring that to fruition, or if it’s going to get strung along into this new repackaging without an end.

3 thoughts on “WOW! DC is Ending NEW 52

  1. While I can’t comment on the wonky-ness of the current DC universe, I think DC and others could solve the problem of bringing in new readers without doing a reboot/relaunch. As someone who grew up with comics, lost interested, and tried to get back into things multiple times, I can say that finding the right starting point can be very off-putting. When I see issue #156 on a comic and it features characters from another comic, I’m almost certainly not going to understand the complex relationship and history between them. I usually stick to one-offs or mini-series because I know they will be self-contained. I appreciated how Marvel Civil War did a recap of every character’s backstory as it related to the Civil War series, but it didn’t need to be a stand-alone issue (…well, for Civil War it did) and could have been condensed in the first few pages of every issue. So I think DC could continue on their current path, or reboot/renew, but label each arc and recap the comic to tell new readers about key events in the characters’ lives up to now. They could even reference the issue number of important comics to get more sales. I see one of these things happening every now and again, but I would like to see both things happen on all the long running series.

    • ” I’m almost certainly not going to understand the complex relationship and history between them. I usually stick to one-offs or mini-series because I know they will be self-contained.”

      This is a good point AA, but I think it’s /almost/ moot. DC and Marvel both give a summary at the start of each book. They also tend to (in my experience) explain any necessary back story for a plot point, unless it’s an ‘inside’ joke or something like that.

      I can see the appeal, I really can. And clearly it works and makes people feel more comfortable. But regular readers, such as myself, are tired of reboots, and their tired of re-reading origins. As long as they can stick to continuity long enough to justify the hundreds upon hundreds of dollars someone such as myself has put into a line, then great! But 2 years and then a run is ‘rebooted’ just feels like a punch to the stomach.

      I might consider it writing about that kind of experience. But that’s a whole new side of the story and I could write a whole editorial on my experience with that end of the bargain.

      I too like contained stories, and I favor them with Marvel. I will likely read an arc but not patron a series. No amount of reboots will change that, though, because I don’t particularly like a good amount of the IP.

      They do also have arc guides, if you’d like I could share some that I like. If you’re interested in going and reading important tie-ins! I know that I’m still in need of doing that for Green Lantern. His history is massive and most key events predate my birth or ability to read.

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