TWITTER Increases Revenue Despite Lacking New Users

Another Castle

February 5, 2015 —Twitter’s fourth quarter revealed an increase in revenue, but for the first time since her IPO, showed a lack of user growth.

Initially analysts expected a $453.1 million return, but Twitter closed their quarter at a whopping $453.1 million. As a result, the news brought about an increase in the company’s already incredible stock value. Speculation leads us to believe it is the aid of Twitter’s new innovative features which have caused the extra profitability.

Features the likes of ‘While you were away‘, and group direct messaging have definitely elevated the service! The one problem which remains is how the site isn’t attracting new users. Interestingly, those it does nab nearly all come from outside US borders, making this quarter also the first with negligible US growth since Twitter’s public debut.

Naturally, investors aren’t exactly thrilled by this newest report. According to GigaOM, Twitter’s user growth is moving at a snails pace…

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