Another Castle

A press release by Capcom on January 14, 2015 confirms that Monster Hunter 4Ultimate will be available for purchase on February 13, 2015! Just in time for a fantastic Valentines Day gift for your significant other — or perhaps just because you love yourself.

The release will coincide with the New 3DS XL which will be required to run the game. Naturally, a special Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New Nintendo 3DS XL bundle comes out the same day as well.

The bundle will include a “slick custom-designed system and a copy of the game,” according to Capcom.  The New Nintendo 3DS XL promises players enhanced graphics, and premiers C-stick functionality and customizable ZL and ZR buttons on the DS platform.

For the first time in the series the player has an online multiplayer option. There is also a single player and up to 3 player local multiplayer function.

Capcom’s release lastly added that soon

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