G4 is Finally Going Completely Dark

Another Castle

November 19, 2014 — NBC Universal Cable has announced via public statement that G4 will be officially pulled from all remaining cable stations on November 30, 2014.

NBC initially was going to merge remaining G4 shows with its Esquire Network, then changed its mind and canceled the station completely. Esquire is now on NBC Universal Cable’s Style channel.

Ever since the cancellation of Attack of the Show G4 has been in a steady viewership decline. Eventually the whole station became a haven of re-runs killing off the remaining viewers the channel had left.

Olivia Munn had spoken of the cancellation with IGN in a video interview, and spoke out about her role in the channel’s decline, “What we had, what [Munn and  Ferrara] had together was lightning in a bottle,” she told the reporter. She also spoke about the difficulties in selling a geek-centric network to the crafty nerd audiences.

G4 began…

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