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November 17, 2014 — Since winning a game play demo award at E3 2014 gamers have been excitedly anticipating for EA and Bioware‘s big release of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Today the launch trailer was released featuring a spooky rendition of Louis Armstrong’s.

Dragon Age: Inquisition boasts new extensive player choices to shape and drive the experience. With the elevated gameplay mechanics  the player will make his or her mark in an extensive and story-driven open world promising complex characters, challenging combat and demanding decisions. Combined with an impressive customization system, including the gear and tactics of your followers, Dragon Age: Inquisition has shaped itself up to be a must try next generation RPG.

Members of EA’s EA Access have already been able to a play an early portion of the game. Upon purchase their progress will be saved and they’ll be able to pick up where they’ve left off.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be available for purchase on November 18…

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5 thoughts on “DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION New Launch Trailer

    • I definitely agree with that! There has been a quite unreasonably spike in specs for PC gamers in the last few month. Particularly with the holidays in toe that just seems like a lot to demand of the market. Sure there are people who can afford to update, but many seem to be saying that they can’t. This current jump feels like an overhaul!

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