Geeky Charity Spotlight: LORTcrate

Source: LORTNation

Source: LORTNation

There’s something about this time of year that incites gratitude and charity. Perhaps it’s simply tradition, or an atmosphere throughout the holidays making us so cheerful and grateful we want to share it. Whatever the reason, tis the season, and that’s why I’m happy to point a finger towards geek-centric charities that are starting to make a difference! Enter, LORT Nation and their awesome LORTcrate loot basket.

I’ve been Freelancing for LORTNation for about 2 years now. Although I haven’t had my hands in much I was more than happy to give them some light in regards to this project. This effort is worthwhile and the payoff is high. LORTcrate sponsors young girls and gives back to the geeky community.

What is the LORTcrate?

The LORTcrate is a monthly raffle wherein the donor  gets a chance at a cool nerd-basket, while simultaneously funding a charitable cause. The LORTcrate will be raffled to one fan on roughly the 15th of each month. Very importantly 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Ladies of the Round Table STEM Education Scholarship Foundation.  The crate includes mystery game codes provided by their sponsors and some nerdy memorabilia. But the important thing is that through their STEM Education Scholarship Foundation their will be bright young girls given a chance to go to college without the burden of excessive debt and a chance to do bigger and better things with their lives.

The Loot!

As mentioned before the LORTcrate is given to one fan per month. The contents are majorly comprised of donations from sponsors, and averagely ranges from about $350.00 – $500.00 dollars in value, $350.00 being a guaranteed minimum. Some prizes are a mystery, but not the majority of the box. Direct information about exactly what a participant could receive can be found on the monthly update page.

Expect to get traditional prizes such as board games, bobble heads, and the like, in-game perks and expansion packs, and off-the wall loot such as a  custom voice mail from David Eddings as CLP trap. Companies such as EA Sports, Fantasy Grounds, Steve Jackson Games, Tin Man Games, and many more participate in this impressive endeavor. And to top it off, a handwritten thank you note written by one of the STEM Foundation’s scholars will be included.

How to Help

There is a minim donation for $5.00 each month. Enter through this link for the November LORTcrate and remember to follow LORT Nation’s website and Twitter for future monthly LORTcrates.

This is the last week to enter to win the November LORTCrate being given away live this Friday Nov 14th on the Ladies of the Roundtable Twitch broadcast. They’ll also be featuring Patrick Scott Patterson as a guest host.

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