31 Days of Horror: ICHI THE KILLER

Another Castle

Ichi the Killer by director Takashi Miike is not for the faint of heart. Loaded to the brim with gore from the opening scene on Miike takes a sick pride in churning the viewer’s stomach. Ichi kicks off with sincere perversion and showcases Miike’s deep lack of empathy for those who suffer at the hand of depravity and violence, however, Miike has a talent for pushing the boundaries of disgusting into the realm of zany and perhaps comical. Ichi the Killer has a way of making its viewers seesaw between wanting to hurl and bursting into laughter effectively.


Much of the Ichi the Killers’ story is married to its gore. Steeped deep in debasement and debauchery from the opening sequence involves a violent and bloody rape of a prostitute at the hands of her pimp while a voyeur looks on masturbating. The title, Ichi the Killer, appears in semen…

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