THE BLACK GLOVE Interview with Day For Night Games

Finally it’s here! The Day For Night Games interview I conducted with Joe Fielder!!!! From BioShock to The Black Glove, this interview is by far my most exciting one yet!

Another Castle

Of all the Kickstarter projects that have popped up recently, few stand out like that of The Black Glove, Day For Night Games’ new endeavor. Joe Fielder of DFNG and Another Castle connected in order to discuss this exciting new title, crowd-funding, and what the future has in store for this fresh indie developer as her first big endeavor comes to a close on Kickstarter.

At first glance, The Black Gloves‘ resemblance to BioShock is uncanny. That’s because Day For Night Games is rising from the ashes of the now disbanded Irrational Games, father of the influential BioShock franchise. In keeping together this team, DFNG is retaining some of the gaming industry’s best and brightest creators. It’s no secret many gamers are highly anticipating the completion of this title.

While Fielder acknowledges and praises his and the team’s roots with Irrational, he intends to bring these concepts to a next level rather than try and move…

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