31 Days of Horror Event: Get Pumped for a Marathon of Horror

REALLY excited for the 31 Days of Horror on Another Castle. I’ll be handling Grindhouse and The Strain on the 13th and the 26th! And I’ll also be writing up a few extra movies to coincide with the Twitch Stream nights.

Another Castle

Letter from the editor:

Wow! It’s already been a year, and although I feel older than I should, it certainly doesn’t feel like a long time has passed since our last ’31 Days of Horror’ marathon. I had a blast writing short reviews for films such as The Happiness of the Katakuris, Child’s Play 2and The Eye 2, and I know many of you were just as happy reading them.

Unfortunately, I was overwhelmed with how big of a task writing 31 reviews ended being, and didn’t make it through the entire month. So in light of last year’s failed attempt, this year I’ve already started reviewing and am receiving assistance from some of our best writers at AC.

On top of the overwhelming nature of last year’s quantity of reviews, I was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t reviewed more than just films — due…

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