SONY’s Tokyo Game Show Recap

Another Castle

Sony has made a few key announcements, on Monday September 1, 2014, at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan. Announcements included that the company plans to release over 40 new titles, new console colors, and an add-on for Vita users.

Advances for Vita:

Web users are watching video gamers play online at astoundingly increasing rates. Akin to the way people watch popular sports, video game fans flock to streaming services such as Twitch to see recorded and real-time gameplay of others. Because of this boom, technological companies are searching for a way to have streaming spectatorship work on all mobile devices.

In consideration for this undeniable demand Sony introduced a new Live from PlayStation Vita application for the PS4 streaming service. Vita owners will be able to watch online video game broadcasts. At announcement the only confirmed services to work on this application is the PS4 streaming service, however more applications will probably pop…

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