MY FIRST INTERVIEW: Lifelong Gamer-Turned-Writer Hopes for Evolution of Games Journalism

Paige Six Women of Gaming

A milestone! I’ve been interviewed by Patrick Scott Patterson, Original PSP, for his Women of Gaming feature! I’m along side some great friends, as well as many other stellar women who are working in this growing industry.

The statistics stand so tall now that even the mainstream media sees them.  Adults make up the majority of video gamers in the modern day, leaving the notion of video gaming as a children’s past time in the distant past.

Many of these gaming adults grew up with video gaming as a constant part of their lives, much as previous generations did with television, film and radio.  Some of them, such as New York’s Paige Six, have taken that lifelong love of video gaming into a career, writing for numerous outlets about all things gaming.

“I played a lot of hand-me-down games growing up, and as I got older played lots of games on friends and family systems. My father has a Genesis at his house and I would play Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on it, as well as Sonic,” Six recalled.  “I’d always lift my hands up with the controller when going through loops and continued with it until I was an embarrassing age. I also would be taken to a local arcade on special occasions, which was in my town but unfortunately no longer stands. After my family saw that I was continuing to be interested in gaming my father started to bring me to the arcade more often, and then on Christmas when I was 7 or 8-years-old my mother bought me a PlayStation.”… Read More…

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