Video Game Devs, Twitter, and a Lesson in Professionalism

Another Castle

Have you ever heard the saying, “No publicity is bad publicity”? Well,When  that doesn’t exactly hold up any longer in this day and age. In a sea of anonymous trolls and floods of raging comments, public figures find themselves having to maintain composure in some heated climates. Sometimes it’s hard for mere mortals to maintain steady composure in their personal lives without it leaking into the instantaneous world of social networking. The video game community is no exception, especially with the concentration of highly intelligent and passionate participants who often find themselves lashing out rather cruelly in all of the various forums. A prime example of this would be the scrutiny of Phil Fish for his most recent online outbursts. Most notably they have led to the cancellation of a highly anticipated sequel to Fez; Fez II. But there is much more to be examined beneath that surface. Although this…

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