Batwoman and Green Lantern Could’ve Been LGBT Pioneers, and DC Doesn’t Care

This piece is one I’m very proud of, and it shares with it a message that is dear to my heart, as a comic reader and as an advocate .
I hope you and everyone else enjoy. Please, I encourage you to share if you agree.

Another Castle

In recent years there has been an influx of gay and lesbian presence in the comic industry. From the outside looking in, it would seem that DC Comics in particular is making a sincere effort to give equal and fair representation to the LGBT community. There is no question that this new-found effort is consorted, and in response to much uproar of prior under-and-non representation of gay people in comics.

It is a long upheld myth that only straight white men read comic books. It is also a fact that since the industry has begun diversification that comic book sales are better than they’ve ever been. But that doesn’t mean that the characters and story lines Marvel and DC are creating do justice to the communities they so eagerly claim to represent.

To the reader who is part of minority demographics,or who is a simple supporter of their causes, need not look too deeply to…

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