Coffin Closes on BIOSHOCK Vita

Another Castle

Source: Examiner Source: Examiner

According to IGN, Ken Levine officially closes the casket on Bioshock Vita. Levine took to Twitter on July 7th, where he reached out to fans who have been looking forward to this project since E3 in 2011.

Last year Examiner reported that both Sony and 2K Games failed to complete a financial agreement for the release, halting production for the title, which ultimately never began. Last year Levine was still excited about Bioshock Vita‘s prospects, but since Irrational Games has downsized and the creator has set his sights on new endeavors.

Levine’s followers unloaded questions about what would’ve been for the title, and he was quick to expand on his vision. Most notably, his nod to a “Final Fantasy Tactics style thing set in pre-fall Rapture” has caught eyes.  RPG fans surely would’ve enjoyed a Bioshock game in that fashion.

Although this project…

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