THE DEATH OF WOLVERINE: The Demise Of Logan & Rebirth Of Nightcrawler

Not my article. Actually my boyfriend and best friend Zach did. He’s got a lot of promise if you ask me.

Zach is one of the few writers in my ranks who intimidates me with his ideas and style. Largely because we are inspired by the same kinds of material.

It makes for a great love affair, though, and I look forward to writing the rest of our story together. Keep an eye on him, he’s going to go far if he puts his mind to it.

Another Castle

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On June 11th Wolverine #8 kicked off 3 Months To Die, documenting Logan’s last days leading to The Death Of Wolverine in September. Character deaths are no doubt met with
emotion and excitement, but also a common understanding that with demand for popular
characters that superheroes don’t stay gone for long. Whenever a popular character dies or returns, the question is asked – does the possibility of characters returning to life devalue the story of their death?


Source: Marvel Now Source: Marvel

The timing couldn’t be more appropriate than as just when Wolverine is to be laid to rest, one of his closest friends, Nightcrawler, has returned to this mortal coil after five years. In the 2010 story X-Men: Second Coming, Nightcrawler sacrificed his life to save someone the X-Men believe is the most important person to mutant-kind, Hope Summers. His death was a hard hit to Wolverine…

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