Samsung Chromebook Review: Spoiler, it Sucks



Whatever you do, don’t buy a Chromebook. For the love of God, and all that is holy, understand that this piece of furniture is literally no more than a Facebook machine and less functional than an iPad, making it worth less than less-than 200 dollars and causing me to curse my first 24 hours with this massive mistake I’ve purchased.

There is no Skype, which I require to do my business. Both employers and clients will chat with me on Skype, have paid for the service, and due to politics will likely not see the light of the Chrome OS in the near future- if ever. The OS functions are more limited and less integrated into the system than the chrome browser functions. There is no memory, or clipboard, leaving it useless without the internet, and majorly with the internet, if you plan to do any sort of writing on this piece of shit. I’ve lost 4 documents over the course of the day today, simply because Chrome is slow and irrationally complicated when trying to store and transfer documents. Drop box doesn’t work, and the Google Drive function is attached to my profile but is putting my work in some folder that I’ve never heard then immediately disappearing like a sick Houdini.

I must admit that the light weight of the netbook and the streamlined keyboard seduced me into a rash purchase which I didn’t research. BUT in my defense, I never anticipated that innovation and technology would take a step backwards! Who thinks of creating a netbook, but doesn’t allow a basic word processor to be installed? There is no fucking hard drive! What year is it that companies like Microsoft and Google assume that we’re all attached to the internet all the time without fault or failure?

I use Chrome’s browser on my other desktops, and needed this product simply for ease of travel while I worked on the go. But I can’t travel with this because Chrome OS doesn’t work offline. The product boasted it’s ability to respond to emails offline, the same way you store a text message until service is restored, placing your work in a queue. But it mentioned nothing of that being the way EVERY component of your Chromebook experience functions, if that! I can’t even copy and paste my writing because there is no clipboard function for the Chrome Store applications. I can’t stand it!!!

My day has been wasted and my blood pressure is through the roof. I’ve been tirelessly trying to finagle short cuts and work-arounds for this supposedly innovative computer to function, as if it’s intended for anything even remotely professional; outside of responding to emails and social media. For the humble price of 200 dollars I could purchase a cell phone and double my basic capabilities, or a tablet with a keyboard extension. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Samsung Chromebook is overpriced and it doesn’t even cost that much!

Once again, don’t buy it. Let it crash and burn for the pleasure and sake of humanity’s advancements and triumphs which Google proudly defecates all over.

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