I Can’t Stop Doing Lynes- and Other Addictive Mobile Games

Another Castle

source: mashable.com source: mashable.com

If you’re a follower of Another Castle, particularly of our live broadcasts, then you’ve definitely heard our staff’s strong opinions on mobile gaming. Mainly, we’ve mentioned how mobile gaming has impacted major companies, such as the seemingly invincible Nintendo. So it wouldn’t surprise anyone on our end all of our readers too indulge in the dark arts of point and slash mobile games. Hell, we do! Below you’ll find a short list of 5 mobile games Another Castle’s writers have been known to enjoy. If you’re interested in something new to occupy your long hours in transit, at work, or when you’re just plain bored, there may be something new for you to try below.

source: lynegame.com source: lynegame.com

1. Lyne: Deceptively Simple was in the tag line, and not one bit of this advertising is false. Lyne pulls users in with it’s melodic tones and soft color pallets. The smooth…

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