Recordsetter’s Defender Charity

Another Castle

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we here at Another Castle like to put the spotlight on some of the good deeds the nerd community takes part in. This past November, in the name of the Mission Soup Kitchen in Killeen, Texas an avid arcade gamer and reigning scoreboard champion by the name of Billy Joe Cain streamed his 80-hour marathon of Defender, beating his own Arcade World Record. Via GoFundMe, Billy Joe and Josh Jones of Recordsetter were able to make a big difference in their community through a mutual love of gaming.

“We began Saturday morning at 8:30am, and we concluded Sunday afternoon/evening,” Josh Jones explained to Another Castle. “Billy Joe Cain is a veteran of the Video Game Industry. He is also the 1982 Texas Video Game Champion. Defender, being one of the hardest games ever produced was the game of choice. 32 hours…

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