BronyCon 2013: Lee Tockar and Fanbuilt

Another Castle

Back in May, Another Castle broke the news of Lee Tockar’s ambitious The voice actor turned CEO took on a full staff and sought out to create the world’s first one stop creation station. Fanbuilt was originally due to launch in June, however technical difficulties halted the initial launch. According to Tockar, a skilled team of beta testers were hired to, “break the system and ensure that the [Fanbuilt website] was impenetrable”. The beta testers did break the system, and as a result, Mr. Tockar overhauled most of the site and moved to a new server capable of holding much more traffic and uploads. The good news is that now Fanbuilt is live and better than ever!

As a quick recapFanbuilt is a place for creative minds to work together and collaborate. Voice actors can team up with writers, storyboard artists, and producers. Animators can find…

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