Spam Bot Sunday: Arab Afro Hair

Spam Bot Sunday: Arab Afro Hair

This photo is TOO MUCH! Not only is there no  coherent sentence within the entire …errr. paragraph? But I’m totally lost as to what they’re trying to get at. Granted that I may not be well versed in the lingo of weaves, but I’m pretty sure that nothing in this near-comment would add up even if I had been.

So let’s break this down:

“The real difference will be wild hair; our bait (are we fishing) is of course long.” | This anagram is nothing short of ambiguous. That being said, it was the most articulate of the entire lot.

“. merely black levels in this article use wild hair patterns coz their hair louis vutton shoulder bag is of course quick (put on inside quick afro or perhaps thin lines)”. | I can of course speculate what the bot was trying to say; but I won’t.

“the arab-speaking types earlier mentioned have honest brown leafy pores and skin.” | (ew) What the hell is honest leafy pores and skin? And where earlier did they mention “arab-speaking types”? Was that something I missed in the introductory puzzle sentence?

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