Two Cents Tuesday: Nintendo eShop

Source: Nintendo

Source: Nintendo

Hot Dog, it’s Tuesday again! Welcome Back. 

Two Cents Tuesday has become a great way for me to express myself without a name attached to me. Or to do something other than news! I mean I love game news, best job I’ve ever had but sometimes I just want to rant like the old days! You know what I mean? Today I’m going to rant on about Nintendo.

I’m a huge Nintendo loyalist. Not because I don’t play other games or systems. I’m on the PC the PS3 and the Xbox 360 so don’t harp on me. But I love my Nintendo especially my 3DS. I’ve spent probably a cumulative of years of my life playing games while in transit via my Nintendo handhelds over the decades. And before the age of wifi and modern tech I could have understood why there is no link between your Club Nintendo account and your eShops on different consoles. If you buy Wii cash, you can’t transfer it to your Wii U or 3DS- But why?! Sure, it’s how they justify re-selling you titles you already own, but there are times when I have a balance on my 3DS, which I’d sure like to move over to another platform or vice versa.

This comes about mostly because I have $10.00 worth of points on my Wii and $20.00 on my 3DS, and I’d love to merge them to get one quality game on either. But Nintendo is stone walling me! Why Nintendo Why?! I don’t want a retro game, and the other cheap games I already own, like Resident Evil Revelations! And I’d love for that 20 to move it’s way over to my Wii U so I can play Earthbound again since Nintendo surprised us nicely with that on the 18th! This proverbial cash is burning a hole in my wallet but none of it means anything unless I can combine the two. Even if they wouldn’t allow you to cross platform a title, at least let the funds pool together. Am I right? Let me know what you think!

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