Spam Bot Sunday: Sex Services

sex servicesOh yes, you read that right. However, the content of the message was not nearly as provocative as the name of the sender. Poor Sex Services, I feel bad for the sucker! He  (or she to be fair) just happened to be browsing the internet, in a casual manner like we do, to all of a sudden be SHOCKED!

“Shocked why this accident did not came about in advance!”

It’s a good thing he (or she) bookmarked it. I mean, we here at Coiledrose only offer the most valuable information about the latest rants, raves, and reviews American Pop Culture can offer.

Make no mistake readers, we strive to shock you, rock you, and then if you keep on spamming us block you.

Till next Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Spam Bot Sunday: Sex Services

  1. My favorite piece of spam ever was a response to a review I did for a gaming site startup. It had the line “Your writings are fun and not a discomfort to the (backside).”

    Wish I’d saved it.

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