‘Earthbound’ is Back via Virtual Console

Another Castle

Nintendo Wii U owners who are also fans of the hit game Earthbound woke up to a big surprise on the morning of July 18. The game was released on the Nintendo eShop without any advertisement or warning! Fans of the Nintendo SNES JRPG have been enthusiastic about their desire to see the game make an appearance on the company’s virtual console, and today as if the marketing gods were hard at work looking for the perfect moment, the Wii U’s virtual console has listed the game for 10 USD. Now to see if this title has the fanfare backing to move units!

It’s a great direction for Nintendo to be moving in, as it is often griped about by the gaming community that the company does not offer enough classic favorites for digital download. The Wii U has been struggling to move units, and with complaints that the company doesn’t see enough…

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