Two Cents Tuesday: My new job!

Source: My Dreams

Source: My Dreams

Sorry about missing Two Cents Tuesday the last week! I have been really busy getting my stuff together as I prepared to take on a huge role over at Another Castle! I am the websites Project Manager and Chief Operating Officer! That means that I am the second in command in making sure the in’s and out’s of Another Castle run smoothly and effectively!

I haven’t forgotten about my Wii U rant, however I plan to tie it in with an upcoming article on Gamesoul Online! So it’s going to have to wait, but it’s worth it if it will offer my readers a little extra! Like a game with the DLC included because we’re awesome like that! Followed by a long awaited rant about Bioshock on the Vita which I have been dying to get my hands on! The problem is, they need to make it first!

So take a look over at the new site where I call home! I’ll still be on CoiledRose… but over there you’ll find quite the group of up and coming writers! My two cents is…. it rocks!

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