Great ‘Puppeteer’ Demo Footage

Another Castle

An awesome interview from Kotaku July 16, 2013 showed a demo for Puppeteer, the highly anticipated Playstation title which we’ve buzzed about before! Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier got his lucky hands on the elusive demo, playing a beautiful underwater level clearly inspired by the childlike and beautiful world of marionettes!

Gavin Moore of Sony Japan was narrating the demonstration as Schreier played. Moore went on to explain how the creators aimed to have Puppeteer really feel like the inside of a magical theater, “There are cogs on the bottom [of the screen]. And what happens is that, instead of moving through the world the whole theatre moves around you”.

Moore explained that in Puppeteer, the heads are your lives. Out of 100+ heads within the game a character can unlock bonus stages, find characters, or even find other heads, and more! Armed with a pair of magical scissors you…

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