Valve Reaches Out to Youth with Pipeline

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Another Castle

Are you young, preferably in High School and looking for your start into the world of video game development? Well, Valve has once again took it upon itself to make that road just a little bit easier! Introducing the Valve Pipeline, referring to the industry term pipeline for the videogame production process. Valve Pipeline is an experimental program built as a forum for young and aspiring minds who want to know more about this growing industry we call video games, and aiming to grant them internships at Valve!

According to an official statement released on the site’s FAQ, Valve has good reason for heading this promising project:

There are two main reasons that Valve is creating Pipeline. The first is that we are frequently asked questions by teenagers about the videogame industry. “What is it like to work on videogames? What should I study? What colleges are best…

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