A Personal Account of DEXCON 16

This is where I’ve been, and why I missed Two Cents Tuesday!

Another Castle

Greetings Another Castle readers! After taking the time to really explore quite possibly the tri-state area’s best and frankly most easygoing game convention, Double Exposure Inc.’s DEXCON, Another Castle is here to bring you great news from the gaming community. Because when it comes to the matters of DEXCON 16 there is so much to write about, and seemingly so little time!

Another Castle attended DEXCON on Saturday July 6. On the schedule that day was a candy buffet loving titled SUGARFEST, the one and only Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games as a special guest with a promotion celebrating one of his most beloved creations, and a Soul Calibur V qualifying tournament to be carried on and finished the following day.

Part of what makes DEXCON so special is in its structure. The convention is modeled after the 1980’s Sci-Fi conventions, making it a 5 day party where…

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