Spam Content Sunday

Spam Content Sunday

I’m not sure if I’m actually going to maintain this as a weekly post. However, every time I get a funny bit of spam in my comments filter I always feel like I really should share it. I’m not sure how or why these people think that they’ll get onto people’s blogs with their bot’s incoherent babble… but I guess in some weird way it worked because here we are!

This particular post is by “Viagra” about his (or her) *NEW* Minecraft for free “About” page! Hurry everyone, go and read that shit because it sounds legit and awesome. Viagra and Minecraft? Woah.

By the way, nothing made me laugh about this particularly until I saw the email alfonsolarson@gmail… alf on solar “sun” spelled “son”. They got me.

3 thoughts on “Spam Content Sunday

  1. Haha I could write tons of posts about the spam in my inbox too. I get stacks of it in my work email. Yesterday, “Mr. Allen. Woody [sic]” greeted me from “the United Nation [sic] Development Programme.” How does he manage to work both for the U.N. and make movies? 🙂

  2. Lol it is comedic gold, right?! What do they expect to gain without even being remotely convincing? There must be something if the spam keeps coming. I don’t even want to touch emails!

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