Two Cents Tuesday: Xbox One, PS4, & DRM



I don’t know about the rest of you in the world. However, it seems that I haven’t been able to get over my personal distrust for the gaming industry. The Xbox One performed a flip flop of massive proportions, the PS4 has mandated the subscription to PSN and in the recent past devoted most of its IP to digital only content. Both systems have praised the mighty cloud and even have taken it so far as to really CALL IT THAT. So forgive me when I say my 2 cents is not to let these companies fool you.

The One took away the online check-ins and inability to trade physical copies which consumers cried about. They introduced the ability to download 2 free games with your live membership (digitally), and slipped in that everyone will no longer be able to trade your used digital games like you would have been able to had they retained the originally announced Xbox One policy. Hmm… that sounds a lot to me like a huge portion of my gaming library will not be “tradeable” (not a real word) and that I’ll have to renew my membership with Live yearly, at any cost Microsoft desires, in order to retain the rights to my games which were part of the perk.

Sure, they let you keep your physical copies… but why would you buy them if you know that they’ll be “free” in a year or so.  Tied to your gamer tag, unable to be traded even within your own system… I don’t think we really ‘won’ much during that whole battle. Who is to say the smaller IPs will even get a physical release? I’m holding out from buying any of the new systems because of these concerns. I have a similar rant for the Wii U and Nintendo’s eShop, but I’ll save that for next Tuesday.

In short, I’m sick of these companies lulling us into DRM compliance. But I’m even more sick of people being too sleepy to see the facts right in front of their eyes. It started with computer games, and now it’s working its way onto our consoles. Don’t let them do this to us, gamers!

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