Xbox One: One Epic Back-Track

Another Castle

Rumors of Microsoft dropping the Xbox One’s DRM policies and mandatory online check-ins have been swirling around the internet today, June 19. The only problem is, the sources haven’t yet been confirmed. Reports have surfaced on Kotaku, GiantBomb, and WhatHiFi among many others. Industry sources were anonymously confirming and denying the news, and a source close to Another Castle had posted a private Facebook status saying it was wise to bide our time, but the news was looking good. Then at 2:00 PST Xbox Wire updated their Q&A page with what can only be described as a very formal apology letter to consumers. Although judging by the tone the company clearly was not happy to write it.

First, let’s talk the good stuff. Internet connectivity is no longer required for single player after a one-time installation. This means that there is no worry if you’re going to be…

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