Interview with Author Jeff Ryan

Another Castle

JeffRyan StarTalk

Jeff Ryan, a video game reporter best known for his book Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, fell into writing about video games and its intriguing culture ‘ass-backwards’, as he so lovingly puts it. But, we’re glad that he has. His book has been the culmination of years of experience as a video game journalist and fueled by a passion and talent with the written word. Another Castle had the pleasure of getting to speak with Jeff, and ask him some of our own Nintendo-infused questions! Now, if you don’t mind, let’s get into it!

Another Castle: What was your first system which started you on the path to writing about video games? 

Ryan: TI 994-A, it was a full-fledged computer from 1982 or 1983. The very first games I had were cassette tapes, and there were speakers that would play sounds which didn’t really sound like anything. You’d…

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