Full Frontal Nerdity: What’s going on at E3 (Part 1)


Barroom Gamer


Well, as we all know, Monday of this week brought us several exciting new developments in the gaming community.   E3 2013 has made us excited, disappointed, and just a little wary of the companies we want to support.  As most have realized, Microsoft has taken a very unpopular approach to their new console.  The biggest gripes are Internet connectivity requirements and their price point ($499 USD); while Sony has seem to come out on top with a lower price ($399 USD), no used game restrictions, and no net requirement to play disc based games. They even posted a cheeky video, which could be described as shots fired at Microsoft in terms of the ability to share games.

How to Share games on the PS4


Sony did however slip in that PS+ would be a requirement for online multiplayer, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise given the monetization plan…

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