This E3 well see if Sony is a Rebel, or Empire Scum


So who’s side are you on Sony? The Empire or the Rebellion?!

In order for Sony to qualify as a honorary member of the Rebel Alliance alongside the brave Nintendo Ltd. Co it has to fall under a certain criteria. I’ve taken the liberty of spelling out just a few, below…

1) Less Expensive than the Xbox One

2) Absolutely no DRM

3)Timed exclusives

4) No Internet connection required

5) Focus on hard copy games, and no download exclusives.

6) If there is a focus on download exclusives, a removable hard drive.

If all of these requirements are me, with the exception of “1” because we can’t demand the world of an expensive system; I will be forced to forego all Sony products until they get their act together.

It seems to be becoming clearer that Sony and Microsoft met behind closed doors and are now trying to scum out their consumer base in the name of ‘the developers’. However, these new DMR cloud based regulations imposed by the Xbox One are militant to say the least and will not be tolerated in my home. I hope you feel the same. Because together is the only way that we’ll force these companies to not strip the consumer, those who pay for their fat checks, of what little rights we have.


“I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

The Xbox One will be 500 dollars, games are estimated to cost over $70.00, and they expect us to accept a licencing clause which allows them to alter the agreement and possibly shut down the servers allowing us to play even single player modes! –Without a fight? Well, they wouldn’t try if they didn’t have faith in our own ignorance and need to horde all thing elite. (See Apple TOS)

Lando “This deal is getting worse all the time!”

Don’t be ignorant, don’t break and waste your money just to play Halo 5… and then later find out that in 2020 you can’t play Halo 5 anymore because the ‘Xbox 2.0’ is the new system and the One’s servers have shut down. Because make no mistake, that is what you’re agreeing to. If Sony wants to walk that wire with them, if they want to assist in cornering the market, answer back with a sick PC gaming rig and the access to better and improving graphics, the ability to fix kinks in the game play, and a library of licensed games that are already cheaper than what the consoles have to offer… many of which are exactly the same! All of this can be yours for the amount of money you’d be poring into the One or the PS4, anyway.

Till next time, tell me what you think of this whole fiasco? Where do you think Sony will fall tonight, June 10, at their E3 media briefing.

As I had for the Xbox One briefing, follow my live reactions via Twitter and join in the conversation.

Follow this link and see for yourself. The briefing airs at 9 PM EST

4 thoughts on “This E3 well see if Sony is a Rebel, or Empire Scum

  1. Excellent! I’m with the rebels here but I have a distinct feeling we’re going to be in the minority. I’m shocked at the amount of people who have just kind of sighed and taken this as a matter of course, kind of ‘well, the party’s been raided, guess we’ll have to keep it under control, ooh look, Halo!’

    Sony’s kind of screwed, because they have *no* way to not allow for the option of DRM without looking like they’re not going to be a good ‘partner’ to their publishers. People *might* revolt a little further down the line once they realize what they’ve gotten into, but you never know . . . that may take a while and this is a hardcore audience that’s willing to spend money sort of frivilously.

    That whole saying about a sucker born every minute . . . we’re going to have a very specific census come fall on that one.

    If Sony tries to play off a no-DRM platform that’ll sell them some hardware off the bat, but if MS can force choke everyone into going along with this, it’ll hurt Sony in the long run — publishers may end up wanting some sort of payout from them to make up for the lack of DRM and ‘lost’ sales to pre-owned, and just generally give the PS4 a second-thought attitude . . . I do think there was some serious high-level discussions on this, though, and that’s one of the reasons EA has backed sharply away from the WiiU, because you know Nintendo’s not going to roll with this (and EA has had a *horrible* fiscal year, so they can use every chance they have to sell software).

    I gotta say, though, this is a fascinating meta-game, because MS is absolutely living up to the evil empire label. Every step of this has been *perfectly* calculated — they didn’t drop the ball at the reveal, they were buying time to see what the reaction was, and also trying to get Sony to show their hand and hoping they’d be able to get them to say no DRM and then have to backpedal later when the publishers demand it of them.

    And they get to not be the bad guy by leaving it ‘up to the publishers to individually decide on DRM’, so if this fails, they’re wearing a slicker and standing *just* far enough away from the fan . . .

  2. Yeah, I’m really not impressed with what I’ve been hearing. I personally have my internet on all the time, but I know there are a lot of people who don’t, or don’t even have internet period, so they’re kind of screwed. And this whole licensing clause thing amongst others is needlessly complicated just to play a damn video game. If Sony ends up going the XBox route I may follow your suggestion and go the PC gaming way.

  3. You guys are too much! It seems like Sony isn’t being a total douche. However, I am not confident enough in them, based off of their Vita releases, to think they’ll release all of their titles in physical copies. If the majority of their content is digital… which with required PS+ memberships that offer monthly downloads for free I have a feeling they will… Consumers won’t be able to trad their content ANYWAY! Which would ironically make the One look like a better deal since even digital titles can be traded once. I’m exhausted with all that BS.

    • Well, I wasn’t planning on getting a PS4 at launch anyway, so sometime after launch I’ll get the scoop from actual owners who are experiencing it all firsthand and make a decision then.

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