Sega and Nintendo Merge with Exciting Rumors in the Wake



After being delightfully surprised by the May 17 Nintendo Direct which announced an official partnership between Nintendo and Sega. In addition to this breaking news, the pair revealed two of three Sonic the Hedgehog games that solely Nintendo Consoles will receive. The titles included the next Mario and Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 and Sonic Lost Worlds. However, now we have a sneak peek into the hotly anticipated third!

Rumors claim that Sonic Paradise will be a racing game set to cap off the trifecta. These rumors come across as valid due to the twitter conversation between Ryan Bloom,Andrea Gil, and Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital and other company. In the tweets, a racing game was only hinted at and some may say teased. However, Sonic Paradise will not be a new installment of previously released titles such as Sonic & Sll Stars Racing or Mario Kart Vs…

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